Welcome Back - Spring 2023

January 17, 2023

Welcome to an exciting new academic year at Southeastern!

Welcome back! It’s always energizing to see campus come back to life when students, faculty and staff return for a new semester.

I want to follow up on my earlier communication about the work of our Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Task Force. As you may recall, my last message on this topic included a link to a brief survey on enrollment at Southeastern.

The survey results were encouraging; for example,

  • Over 98% of you believe enrollment is vital to our future.
  • Over 80% see that we are all (in some way) responsible for enrollment.
  • Over 87% feel they can contribute to encouraging students to attend Southeastern.
  • Over 93% feel they can contribute to helping students persist at Southeastern.

Based on these survey results, members of our campus community clearly understand that each of us can impact enrollment in our own unique ways.

The SEM Task Force is also continuing its work. Initial goals and plans are nearing finalization following another round of meetings, and a preliminary overarching Strategic Enrollment Plan is anticipated to be completed by March. As part of this process, we are also actively seeking enrollment-related initiatives that can be implemented now. Further details of the plan and related initiatives will be shared in the near future. As a reminder, the Task Force working groups can be found here.

Responses to the previously mentioned survey reflect a desire to be kept informed about enrollment-related issues and, specifically, the SEM planning process. Accordingly, we will continue to regularly communicate about this process and provide opportunities for feedback.

If you would like to make suggestions regarding enrollment, whether related to recruitment or retention, please click here. Your suggestions will be anonymous.

Thank you for your commitment to Southeastern and your ongoing diligence in serving our students.

John L. Crain