A Message from the President


Within the next couple of weeks Southeastern will submit the Fiscal Year 2014 budget for formal approval by our Board of Supervisors. As explained in my last campus budget update, we have reduced planned expenditures for FY 2014 to accommodate a reduction in our operating funds. As part of our overall budget reduction plan, we will also work with Louisiana Civil Service to effect a limited layoff plan.


Several weeks ago I appointed a Budget Advisory Committee to solicit creative ideas from the campus community and to make recommendations for cost savings and revenue enhancements. I want to express my gratitude for the work by the committee members and for all of the ideas submitted by members of the campus community.


Changes in our operating budget for FY 2014 reflect some of the recommendations submitted by the committee. A number of other recommendations require further analysis/development but may be implemented at some point in the future.


The following changes in operations and funding will occur for FY 2014:


Modifications to our academic scholarship program will allow us to continue effectively recruiting highly-qualified students while still achieving significant savings in scholarship costs. The savings attained will continue to grow over the next couple of years as changes become effective for future new students.


Increasing self-generated funds by monetizing the value of our existing rental textbook inventory through privatization of our Textbook Rental operations.


Restructuring/consolidation within Auxiliary Services the administration of rentals and operations of certain facilities, including the University Center and Student Union. This will allow us to operate more efficiently and effectively, generate additional rental revenue, and improve customer service.


Streamlining/realignment of the Division of Extended Studies as a Non-Credit Programs unit within Auxiliary Services will allow us to remove related costs from the operating budget and continue to expand revenue generating opportunities.


Streamlining staffing and better matching funding sources with functions in the Division of Student Affairs, including the areas of Student Conduct, Student Engagement, and University Police, will allow us to reduce costs and more effectively utilize non-operating funding sources.


Reorganizing within the Division of Administration and Finance through consolidation and streamlining of certain purchasing and accounting functions will allow us to operate more efficiently while maintaining critical services.


Reconfiguring assistant vice president positions will allow us to transfer part of the associated costs to appropriate non-operating funding sources.


Enhancing Southeastern Athletics' reliance on private and self-generated funds.


Expanding administrative overhead charges to all activities financed through restricted funds will reduce the amount of operating funds needed for administrative support functions.


These and various other operational changes will result in the elimination of some classified and unclassified positions, both vacant and filled. Additional details regarding the layoff plan will be forthcoming, pending Civil Service approval.


I deeply regret that individuals will be affected by these changes. However, these steps are necessary to reduce our operational footprint consistent with reduced resources, while minimizing the impact on our students and ensuring the ongoing financial viability of the institution.