Education and Institutional Cooperative Service Contract

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& I Coop Contracts — Please Read On

These contracts are competitively solicited contracts established
through Southeastern’s membership in the Educational &
Institutional Cooperative Service, Inc.

Before navigating to the E & I Cooperative Contracts,
please read the following responsibilities
you agree to in using the contract:

  • Understand faculty and staff may order adequately funded
    scientific and laboratory supply and equipment items within the
    non-competitive purchase limits.

  • Understand
    Non-Competitive Scientific &
    Laboratory Supplies and Equipment are:

  • Classroom & Teaching
    Purchases . . . up to $1,000 for each commodity type

  • Research Purchases . . . up to
    $25,000 per transaction

  • Understand purchases cannot be
    Artificially Divided to avoid the bid process.

  • The Southeastern PeopleSoft Purchase Requisition form shall
    be used to list the items ordered and to check for available
    funds. Southeastern Purchasing will check for compliance with
    Policy & Procedure for Exempted Research Purchases.
    Requisition description shall communicate when items have been
    ordered to avoid any potential duplication in ordering.

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responsibilities, click
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