GroupX Fitness Classes



A class of muscular strength, and range of movement. It is a multi‐level, equipment based class that takes participants through a variety of exercises using hand held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball. (50 min.)



This class will focus on the fundamentals of traditional Hatha Yoga postures with attention to breath, alignment and the heart to experience inner joy and serenity. (50 min.)



Use Ancient Martial art moving meditations to improve coordination, body awareness, balance and strengthen your legs while increasing circulation all at the same time. (50 min)



Go through an aerobic workout that is usually done on land but taught in shallow water! (50 min)



Participants will jump on a stationary bike for a thorough cardio workout. Great for beginners! Participants must bring a towel and water in a clear water bottle to class. (50 min)



Move to the music as you get a great cardio workout in! This class has dance moves that will help improve your core and form all while moving to the beats of Latin Music! ( 50 min)



Combine the cardio moves from ZUMBA with slightly weighted sticks to give yourself a more toning workout! (50 min)



Enjoy this full body workout with a combo of aerobic and weight bearing exercise to trim and tone you all around! (50 min)



Just for our wonder Faculty and Staff of Southeastern! Start your weekend off with this class! A class for you, and by you! The class gets to decide what they want to do the following week. A perfect class to experience all of what we offer, you'll want to go to the full classes! (50 min) **Non‐members may attend, but must promptly exit when the class is completed.



Your answer to Cross Fit style, boot camp, Olympic lift classes. Instructed in our newly renovated 3rd Racquetball Court, participants will do their daily workouts! Classes range from 30‐45minutes, and participants must be signed up! There is a commitment fee required to participate. Spaces are limited! Visit the Membership Desk to register! The class meets three times a day, four days a week. For optimal results, it is best to attend a daily session!

Students: $20 Registration Fee, $80 Commitment Fee; Members: $20 Registration Fee, $125 Commitment Fee