Graduation Application Process


Congratulations on your Graduation!

All candidates for Associate, Bachelor, Master's and Doctoral degrees must complete Southeastern's graduation application process before graduating. Applications for graduation will not be accepted after the last deadline for that semester. Before beginning the graduation application process, please be ready to verify information about your graduation records, including your major, minor, catalog year, etc. Once you have completed your graduation application, don't forget to complete the Southeastern Exit Survey during your graduation semester.

Southeastern's graduation fees can be paid by credit card through the Controller's Office at (985) 549-2068 or in person at the Controller's Office (located on North Campus in the Financial Aid Building), and are based on the following rates:

Late graduation fees must be paid to the Controller's Office before the graduation application will be available for students to complete and save for processing.  If student tries to complete the graduation application before paying the late graduation fees, the application will not open for the student to make changes and it will not save the application for processing.


Graduation Semester

Late Fee

Application Date

Spring/May Commencement


$0 Through September 15
$15 September 16 - December 1
$25 December 2 - February 15

*After February 15th, no applications will be accepted for Spring

Summer/December Commencement $0 Through February 15
$15 February 16 - May 1
$25 May 2 - June 15

*After June 15th, no applications will be accepted for Summer

Fall/December Commencement $0 Through February 15
$15  February 16 - May 1 
$25 May 2 - September 15

*After September 15th, no applications will be accepted for Fall


You must complete your Graduation Application before the deadline. A delay in completing this step could cost you late fees and keep you from graduating on time. The directions below will guide you through the simple application process.

Important Notice:
No applications will be accepted after the last deadline.
*If the last day to apply falls on a day when the University is closed,
the deadline will become the next business day.


To complete your graduation application

1. Sign In to LEONet.
You may use a computer at any of Southeastern's computer labs located on or off campus, as well as one from your home (as long as it has Internet access). After accessing Southeastern's home page, click the LEO icon to access the Main LEO Access page. Click on LEONet--Students, enter your University ID (W number) and password, and click the Sign In button.


2. Access the Apply for Graduation page.
To do this, click on Self Service in the menu column on the left.

Graduation Application


You may use the menu column on the left of the page and choose Degree Progress/Graduation.


Graduation Application


In the Degree Progress/Graduation, choose Apply for Graduation. The Apply for Graduation page should appear.

Graduation Application


3. Follow the application instructions.
Just follow the instructions and submit your application. It's as simple as that!

Graduation Application


Once you click on "Apply for Graduation", please choose the "Add a New Value" tab.  You will be asked for the TERM, just click on the magnifying glass next to the blank box and a drop down menu will populate.  Choose the TERM you plan to graduate.  If the TERM is not available or you should have questions, please give us a call at:

Office of the Registrar


Don't Forget to Complete the two-part Southeastern Exit Survey during your graduation semester!

The Southeastern Exit Survey can only be accessed during your graduation semester. Just access the Apply for Graduation page in LEONet anytime during your graduation semester and follow the directions to complete the first part of the survey. The second part of the survey will be sent via email to you about two weeks prior to graduation.

If you have questions about the Southeastern Exit Survey, call the Office of Institutional Research & Assessment at 985-549-2077.