Are you IN at Southeastern?

Anyone can be IN at Southeastern - students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, community members - but students will always be at the top of the list. When Southeastern students are IN, they are involved on campus and in the community. They are informed of what's going on and how to navigate the Lion journey. They are invested in themselves and the University. IN students are inspired to be the best they can be both now and in the future.
Southeastern students who actively engage with the Division for Student Affairs in any way are IN. Each department within Student Affairs offers a number of programs and services intended for student development and success. 
Studies have shown that students who are involved outside of the classroom often achieve at higher levels than those who are not. Being involved in extracurricular programs helps students build valuable skills like teamwork and time management and they are more aware of resources that help support their academics and personal well-being. 
When you're IN, you are challenged to reach greater levels than you could ever imagine. 
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