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The Dean of Students is responsible for several campus policies and procedures, the registration of activities form, and the University's Electronic Events Calendar.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, the Dean of Students oversees the following areas within the Division for Student Affairs:

                      Student Engagement     Student Advocacy and Accountability

                      Student Publications     Rec Sports & Wellness

These areas create personal developmental opportunities for all students through a wide range of programs. We serve as educators outside the classroom, helping students prepare for their lives after college. We are here to help you achieve your full potential as a student.  

The Dean of Students also oversees the following University Committees:

Southeastern Threat Assessment and Response Team

The purpose of the Southeastern Threat Assessment and Response Team (START) is to assess and respond quickly and effectively (with input from pertinent professionals on the team) to reports of students who present behaviors that are potentially or actually harmful to themselves or to others, or who are disruptive to the teaching and learning process, whether or not these behaviors are psychologically/medically based. The team functions as a communications and information-sharing network that assesses and responds to students in crisis in or out of the classroom. Additionally, the team meets regularly to discuss and plan appropriate responses to potential student psychological/mental health and behavioral issues.

Committee Members

Campus Assault Response and Education

Southeastern Louisiana University is committed to creating and maintaining an educational community where all individuals who participate University programs and activities can work and  learn together in an atmosphere free of sexual misconduct. To assure the campus community is  educated and appropriate resources are readily available, Southeastern has created a Campus  Sexual Assault and Response and Education Team (CARE).

CARE is comprised of faculty, students, and staff from across campus. The team is one part "education" and one part "response". We develop programs, services, and campaigns to educate students about sexual assault, consent, and healthy relationships with the ultimate goal  of preventing sexual violence. In addition to educating the student body, we provide campus  wide education for faculty and staff to ensure we are in compliance with all federal mandates.

Visit the CARE website here

Hazing Education and Response Team

Hazing was once seen as an activity that affected a very specific group of students, members of fraternities and sororities on college campuses. Recent information indicates that hazing is a larger problem that goes beyond Greek letter organizations and could impact students as early as the beginning of high school. It is important to increase awareness and become educated about hazing and how to address it, which is why the Hazing Education and Response Team (HEART) was created. 

Hazing Policy

Lyceum Arts & Lectures

The Lyceum Arts & Lectures Committee is charged with advancing the availability of programming in the areas of arts and lectures for the university community. Its function is to help departments and organizations on campus by assisting them with finances and ideas for campus wide programming.

The Lyceum Arts & Lectures Committee

Lyceum Arts & Lectures Proposal Form 


For more information on any of the policies, services or procedures we provide, please view our "Policies and Procedures" page.


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