Registration of Activities Guidelines

To ensure that the registration of your activity goes as smoothly as possible, please read the information listed below and take all the proper steps before using this link.

  1. Use of this link in no way guarantees the requester that the facility and/or services will be available.
  2. The following activities and events must use the Registration of Activity Form before approval will be granted by the various departments affected.
    • A. Any event where alcohol will be present.
    • B. Any event sponsored by a student organization.
    • C. Any event where departments will utilize other facilities not in their jurisdiction.
    • D. Any event where services are provided by one or more of the following:
      1. University Police. (This will be determined by the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs in conjunction with the Chief of University Police. Contract must be signed 10 days before the event.)
      2. Campus Dining.
      3. Physical Plant.
        • A service request must be turned into the Physical Plant Department two weeks prior to the event. Any organization making a request must have the signature of their faculty advisor.
      4. Any other required service.
    • E. Any event sponsored by an off-campus group/individual(s).
    • F. Any continuing education class.
    • G. Any event where admission is charged.
  3. Requesters are strongly encouraged to check with the proper Building Head prior to completing the Registration of Activity Form to ensure availability. Click here for a list of facilities and the individual(s) to contact for use of that facility. Holding an event that has not been approved through this channel is a violation of University policy and may result in disciplinary sanctions for the organization or individuals involved.
  4. Please be reminded that the maximum number of people allowed at an event is determined by the Fire Marshal and will be monitored by the University Police Department. Once that number has been reached, no other individuals will be allowed admittance.
  5. Any request for additional services from any university department needs to be handled in person with the department providing the services. Use of the Registration of Activity Form in no way sets up or guarantees the services requested.
  6. All off-campus groups/individual(s) must contact Continuing Education at (985) 549-2301 to use university facilities.
  7. All requests are approved in accordance with University regulations regarding use of facilities and are subject to cancellation if conditions make it necessary.
  8. Faculty advisors, sponsoring departments, and/or requesting groups are responsible for their group's activities and conduct during the event and may be required to pay for damages.
  9. For approval, this form must be completed and submitted to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs ( by NOON ON THE MONDAY OF THE WEEK PRECEDING THE EVENT unless other departments or facilities' policies come into play such as, but not limited to, alcohol events, off campus groups, etc. Requesters are urged to contact the facility head early to avoid any problems stemming from university policies. Organizers must present a copy of the approved event e-mail to University Police if requested.
  10. Cancellations are to be made no later than forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the event. Failure to notify all concerned parties may result in loss of scheduling privileges and liability for charges for service or personnel.
  11. Student organizations may not advertise an event until approval has been granted by the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.
  12. Disapproval of facilities usage will be immediately reported to the requesting party.
  13. Disapprovals may be appealed in writing to the Building Head's immediate supervisor.
  14. All parties will be notified by e-mail when the event has been approved. An event is not approved until the organization or individuals requesting the space have been notified by e-mail that the event has been approved.
  15. Requester must check the box below stating that he/she has read and understands the guidelines listed above before they will be allowed to use the Registration of Activity Form.
  16. The policies for use of Southeastern Louisiana University facilities by third party groups/organizations can be found here.
  17. Any comments, questions, or concerns should be addressed to the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Office, 985-549-3792,

I have read the above guidelines and understand all my rights and responsibilities in regard to using this form and am ready to click here to proceed to the form.

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