Lyceum Arts & Lectures Committee


The Lyceum Arts & Lectures Committee, made up of students, faculty, and staff is charged with advancing the availability of programming in the areas of arts and lectures for the university community.


The committee oversees a budget funded entirely by student fees and whatever revenue any program sponsored may generate. Every student taking four or more hours a semester is assessed $.50 to help fund this program. The committee's function is to help departments and organizations on campus by assisting them with finances and ideas for campus wide programming.


Examples of programming include:


  • Governor Ann Richards of Texas;
  • James Earl Jones;
  • Author John Gray;
  • Quink;
  • Csardas;
  • Dr. Elizabeth Fox-Genovese;
  • Sheila Tobias;
  • as well as support for Women's Rights Week;
  • the Literary Festival;
  • and the Louisiana College Festival.


Funding for these programs is awarded by their merit and on how they will affect the university as a whole. Funding is limited so programs are also on a "first come first serve" basis after the above criteria. For more information, contact the Dean of Students or download the Lyceum Arts & Lectures Proposal Form to submit a request for funding.


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