Recognized Student Organization Packet

Each year (Fall to Summer) Recognized Student Organizations at Southeastern must complete
a Recognition Student Organization Packet. This packet must be completed in order
to host events on and off campus, reserve rooms on campus through a Registration of
Activities Form, and participate in on-campus functions.

The Recognition Student Organization Packet is now electronic. You must complete the
Officer Update Form in order to receive access to the Recognition Packet. 


Information Needed

  1. Organization Membership Information
    Organization’s Name (Please Do Not Abbreviate)
    Description of Organization
    Please list the following (if applicable):
    • Website URL
    • Instagram Handle
    • Facebook Page
    • Twitter Handle
    • Additional Social Media Handles
    • Requirements for Membership
  2. Executive Board Officers Roster
    (Provide their Full First Name, Full Last Name, W#, Southeastern email and cell phone

    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
  3. Organization Membership Roster (with all member’s signatures)
  4. Banking Account Information
    If your organization collects funds, fundraises, collects dues, or purchases items
    for events/programs you are responsible for putting that information on file for the
    Office for Student Engagement.
  5. Student Organization Handbook Acknowledgement
  6. Advisor Agreement Form
  7. Hazing Policy Acknowledgement Form
  8. Constitution and Bylaws