Elevator Speech

An "elevator speech" is what you can say between a few floors of an elevator ride if someone asked about Southeastern.  It is simply a succinct paragraph that tries to boil down the entirety of the brand and communication points to a short speech.  While you certainly don't have to memorize it, it is important to be familiar with it ... and memorizing it is okay.

The Speech

"Southeastern Louisiana University offers students highly competitive degree programs, inspiring career experiences and personal support to achieve their best futures.

"Our high-value degrees have staying power, giving alumni flexibility and credibility throughout their careers. Every degree program builds in courses for students to explore their interests and create four-year academics-to-career plans.

"Our accomplished professors connect students with internships, study abroad programs, research projects and community outreach that make students more competitive and prepared for life and career.

"Our students and alumni keep Louisiana thriving—gaining practical knowledge and experience here to improve our health and education, protect our environment and our workers, bring arts and culture to our area, and strengthen business and technology."