Athletic Logos

Southeastern Louisiana University’s athletics program has been one that strives for excellence since its earliest days.  The athletic program is a significant source of pride.  This identity standards booklet establishes standards that project the identity of the athletics program.  It fosters unity and distinction across campus.

Our branded athletic logos and spirit marks must be used as approved and displayed in this guide.  No other logos or identifiers are permitted in representing Lion Athletics.  This would include old logos, old graphic imagery as well as manipulation of current logos.

Full Athletic Logo Standards Guide


Athletic Primary Logo

Southeastern Athletics’ primary logo combines the lion head mascot spirit mark and the university’s full name.  Where space permits and in more formal elements, this logo should be used either in its stacked version or horizontal version.


Horizontal Version

Southeastern Athletics Horizontal Logo

Stacked Version

Southeastern Athletics Stacked Logo


Athletic Secondary Logo

The secondary athletics logos are complementary marks for representing Southeastern Athletics. The secondary logos are intended as decorative or retail product images for use in contexts in which the name of the university has already been established.  Although the primary marks are always preferred, secondary logos may be used with the approval of Athletics Marketing.  The secondary logos should be used in strict adherence to the visual identity guidelines in this manual.


SLU Acronym

Southeastern Athletics SLU Acronym Mark


Stand Alone S Mark

Southeastern Athletics S Mark


Lion Spirit Mark

Southeastern Athletics Lion Spirit


Publications and Promotion Review Approval

Internal guidelines are established to create a unified appearance and to maintain consistency in all publications, whether print or electronic, published and distributed by Southeastern.

All Southeastern athletics-related publications, stationery, etc., including all promotional and marketing athletic publications (printed and electronic), must adhere to the graphic standards described in the Identity Standards be approved by Athletics Marketing.


Promotional Items

All promotional items, must be purchased from a licensed vendor.  See University Licensing information for details.


Campus Usage

University-sponsored student sports clubs may use athletic logos or spirit with prior approval from the Office of University Marketing and Communications and according to the guidelines set forth in the Identity Standards. The sports club designation must be clearly stated as an identifier so not to be confused as a University NCAA Division I program.

Other usage must be requested through University Marketing and Communications.