You know firsthand the caring, transformative nature of a Southeastern education.
Help others have the same experience by joining fellow Southeastern volunteers and
sharing your time, skills, and knowledge.

Regularly volunteering just a few hours of your time provides valuable support to
the community, your peers, future students, and the ongoing vitality of the University.
Explore the many ways you can contribute based on your passions and availability.
Share your love of your alma mater and give back by finding an opportunity that’s
right for you.


Southeastern Connect Mentoring Program

Southeastern Connect is an online networking platform that connects motivated and
career-focused students with alumni who have volunteered to provide insights about
the process of choosing and starting a career in their specific field.


Speak to a class

Want to share your real world experiences with students? We can connect you with the
appropriate dean or faculty member to get you back in the classroom – this time, in
front of the room!


Chapter Leadership

Volunteer to lead an alumni chapter in your area. Chapters are communities of alumni
(based on geography, special interest groups) that share a commonality that have built
a tie or bond to each other as part of the University experience.


Reunion Networking

Help make your upcoming reunion a success by volunteering on the your Class Networking
Committee. Responsibilities include sending electronic communications to classmates
and encouraging reunion attendance.


GOLD Council

Each spring, 10-12 new GOLD Council members, from the graduating classes of the last
ten years, are selected to serve on our young alumni advisory board. The Council seeks
alumni who are passionate about working to optimize the post graduate experience for
all young alumni, regardless of their involvement as students or their current engagement
with the University as alumni.


Social Media Ambassador

Help spread the word about all the great things going on at Southeastern. Volunteer
by subscribing to a bi-weekly digest and sharing links on social media.


Alumni Committees

Be a part of the inner workings of the Alumni Association by serving on a committee!
We have a variety of ways for you to give of your time and play a vital role in the
execution of the Alumni Association mission. Committees include:

  • Membership and Chapter Development Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Buildings and Property Committee

  • Networking and Professional Development Committee


The Big Event

Join over 1,000 students, faculty, staff and alumni for a day of community service
in the City of Hammond and surrounding areas. Sponsored by the SGA, The Big Event
is intended to give volunteers the opportunity to help the communities and organizations
that support Southeastern in many ways.


Student Recruiting

Helping to spread the word about how great our University is and recruiting students
to attend Southeastern is always an important role of our alumni. We are always seeking
alumni who are willing to open up their home to a select group of area high school
students for the purpose of our Admissions team to share with them all the opportunities
that we have to offer.


Columbia Theatre Usher

Do you love the arts? Serving as a volunteer usher at the Columbia Theatre for the
Performing Arts is a great way to experience all the dance, music, and theatre productions
while also giving back to the university and the community.