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Helping Build A Community of Giving

Campus Coffee Ministry Donates Funds to Southeastern Food Pantry

Part of the Southeastern Foundation’s focus is to encourage a culture of giving on campus. The Wesley Foundation on campus recently opened Kairos Koffeehouse, and the proceeds for the fall semester went to the support the Southeastern Food Pantry. The donation totaled $700.
     Kairos Koffeehouse’s quality menu items are made by skilled volunteers. There items are offered for a “suggested donation.” Customers can pay more, they can pay less, or they can have their item on the house. Kairos Koffeehouse just loves to make folks smile.
     All proceeds from the menu items allow them to keep Kairos Koffeehouse in operation, with the majority of the proceeds going to a local charity. All they ask is that as you enjoy your menu item, know that someone else will benefit from your investment in a tasty beverage or treat.
     The donated funds will go toward helping purchase items that are needed and in demand, but not always donated to the Food Pantry.
     The Southeastern Foundation thanks the Wesley Foundation and Kairos Koffeehouse for their generosity.