Please help by reaching out to your social media network to tell the world you'll be giving and to encourage friends to do the same.  We have tools for facebook, instagram and twitter. It's easy and quick to add to your pages. CLICK HERE.


Let everyone know you will be donating!


All In For Southeastern - Day of Giving

Get ready for our biggest one-day effort to make an impact on the place that you love. It’s our 4th annual Day of Giving!

How can I help?

1. Help us spread the word and share the love you have for Southeastern with others. If you could share this event with three or more friends who may not be familiar with it – we can significantly multiply our reach. If you know of classmates, friends or other alumni who may not have given before, please reach out to them. Tools to share through social media are available here.

2. Make a gift. Gifts of all sizes matter. Sure we love the big ones, but imagine if 100 people gave up a $5 cup of coffee, or a $10 lunch to donate, that would really add up! You can also consider a monthly gift to have the biggest impact, perhaps marking your class year, for instance $19.86/month, you may not even miss that, but we could really put that to good use and you could be proud of your support!