How Credits Transfer

The Office of Admissions will evaluate your official transcripts upon submission of
online application to determine how your courses transfer.
Generally, Southeastern accepts most college level courses from regionally accredited
colleges and universities. Southeastern does not accept technical or vocational courses
nor courses taken for varsity sports. Most transferable courses will be assigned either
direct equivalents or electives, and all college level coursework (excluding developmental
courses) will be used to calculate your cumulative GPA. Southeastern does not have
a repeat-delete policy and will review all coursework taken at previous institutions. 

As your transcripts are evaluated, courses that are transferable will be posted to
your Transfer Credit Report which is accessed through your LEONET student account. If you have questions concerning your transfer credit evaluation, you may contact
the Transfer Admission Counselor. If you have questions regarding how courses apply to your curriculum, you should
contact an Academic Advisor in the department of your major.


Transfer Course Guide

Southeastern uses the Louisiana Board of Regents Statewide Transfer Guide as a basis
for determining general education course equivalencies. This transfer guide includes
most general education courses taught at public colleges and universities in Louisiana.
Below are guides that show courses from 2-year and 4-year schools and how these courses
transfer to Southeastern.

Louisiana Board of Regents Transfer Articulation Matrix Site and Course Search


Can I see what credits transfer before applying?

Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

Southeastern uses a database called the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) to maintain
our course equivalencies with other institutions. This system is designed to help
students see how their coursework from other institutions may transfer over to Southeastern.
It is very important to Southeastern that you receive all the credits, which you’ve
earned, to help you complete your degree. Transfer credits can include classes taken
at any other college or institution, military credits, and AP or Dual enrollment credits.
The system is updated daily with new equivalencies determined by the department faculty.
Please click on the TES link below to determine any transferable credits. Credits
will automatically be compared to a Southeastern equivalency. 


How to use the TES system:

  1. Search for the desired transfer institution, and a list of all transferable classes
    for that institution will appear.
  2. Clicking the search bar, you can enter a course code (i.e., Chem 101, Bio 1010),
  3. To compile a list of multiple equivalencies, click the box at the end of the row to
    add it to your list. Make sure to click “Add/View list” each time you look up a course
    to add it to your equivalencies list. You will be able to view your equivalencies
    transferable to Southeastern here.
  4. Next, click the “Add/View List”. Once you have added all of your coursework you can
    email, export to Excel, or clear your list.


Important Notes

  • Classes that are listed as “1XX” “2XX” are courses that do not have direct equivalencies.
    These classes are still college credit but may be applied to your degree program as
    an elective.
  • Classes that are listed as “XXX” are courses that do not have direct equivalencies,
    and may not be considered a substitution.
  • If the class you are looking for is not in our system, it means it has not been previously
    evaluated. It can still potentially transfer to Southeastern once we receive official
    transcripts from that institution.