Adapted Physical Education Certification


The Kinesiology and Health Studies Department at Southeastern is one of few programs in Louisiana offering courses leading to add-on teacher certification in Adapted Physical Education (APE). 

Teachers certified in Health and PE may pursue an add-on certification in APE by taking a few specific courses. They may be taken as undergraduate or graduate-level courses. Those wishing to pursue a master’s degree may incorporate APE coursework into the MA in Health and Kinesiology.

Courses required by the state of Louisiana for add-on certification in APE

*KIN 321: Motor Learning
*KIN 431: Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education
*KIN 491/591: Introduction to Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities
KIN 492/592: Perceptual Motor Development of Individuals with Disabilities
KIN 493/593: Physical Education for Individuals with Physical Disabilities and Other Impairments
KIN 494/594: Curriculum Development for Adapted Physical Education 

SPED 200/600: Characteristics of Individuals with Exceptionalities

* Most undergraduate degree programs in Health & PE include courses meeting these requirements.

If you have completed all 21 semester hours as listed above and wish to receive a formal evaluation for the purpose of obtaining additional certification, you must send your official transcripts(s) with a completed Change-of-Action Packet to the Louisiana Department of Education, Division of Teaching Certification and Higher Education.  If you have any questions concerning this procedure, you may call 1-877-453-2721.

All of the APE-specific courses (491/591, 492/592, 493/593, 494/594) are offered on a rotating basis as evening courses and/or during the summer session.

For those interested in pursuing the MA in Health and Kinesiology, APE coursework may be included in the Kinesiology concentration. This concentration would include a total of 36 hours (12 courses):

6 hours       Statistics and Research Methods
9 hours       Primary Emphasis (APE)
6 hours       Secondary Emphasis
6 hours       Secondary Emphasis
9 hours       Electives (may include APE and SPED coursework)

Areas for Secondary Emphasis are: Exercise Physiology, Health Studies, Motor Behavior, Sport & Exercise Psychology, Sport Management.

For additional information, please contact APE Coordinator

Kristen Morgan: [email protected]