Sales Students

Sales Students

Southeastern Sales Program

  • Professional, selective program, surround yourself with career-focused peers

  • Strengthen your selling, presentation, and professional skills

  • Mentoring and coaching by sales professionals

  • Current and relevant curriculum guided by our partnerships with top sales organizations

  • Learn real skills you can put into practice the day you graduate

  • Active, hands-on learning program that pushes you to step out of your comfort zone

    learn and develop your knowledge, skills, and competencies

  • Build confidence through incremental wins throughout the curriculum

  • Discover your full potential, through ongoing professional interaction and feedback

The sales concentration consists of three main courses:

Professional Selling (MRKT 321)

A study of sales as a profession. Students will develop skills such as prospecting,
building relationships, making sales presentations, handling objections, and obtaining
client commitment. Students will make sales presentations as a key component of the

Advanced Professional Selling (MRKT 421)

An advanced course in sales intended to develop a high level of competence in professional selling.
Role playing and interactive exercises, negotiation exercises, lectures, and the use
of CRM in sales will develop sales competence in students to a high level. Students
will participate in multiple presentations where knowledge of sales techniques and
outcomes, and the development of professional sales skills will be emphasized. An
important component of this course is that students participate in an on-campus competition
with the potential to compete at other regional competitions.

Sales Leadership (MRKT 425)

An advanced course in which students apply the principles and concepts of sales planning
and control to a comprehensive, revenue-generating project. Emphasis is placed on
the leadership of sales teams, including the organization of sales departments and
territories, motivating salespeople, and controlling sales operations.

*Students also have the opportunity to do a sales internship for course credit. For
more information on the concentration or program, contact April Kemp ([email protected])
or Tará Lopez ([email protected]).

Undergraduate Certificate in Sales Leadership (available for any major)

Required Courses (18 Hours): 

  • ENGL Elective – (e.g. ENGL 101 Composition or ENGL 102 Critical Reading & Writing) 
  • COMM Elective – (e.g. COMM 211 Introduction to Public Speaking or COMM 215 Interpersonal
  • MRKT 321- Introduction to Professional Selling 
  • MRKT 421- Advanced Professional Selling 
  • MRKT 425- Sales Leadership
  • MRKT 300+ Elective (e.g. MRKT 303-Principles, 391-Sales Internship or MRKT 331-Retail


Scholarship Opportunities

The Sales Program offers scholarships specifically for sales students.

The Northwestern Mutual Sales Scholarship

Northwestern Mutual has supported sales programs across the state and is committed
to rewarding the dedication and persistence required to excel in sales. This scholarship
is awarded to the winner of the Spring Southeastern Sales Challenge, a role-play competition
held on campus in coordination with the MRKT 421 Advanced Sales class.

2022-2023 Recipient – Colette Boudreaux

2021-2022 Recipient – Grace Babin

2020-2021 Recipient – Jenna Pecot

2019-2020 Recipient – Conner Brian


The United Rentals Sales Scholarship

As a fast-growing international company, United Rentals values a competitive spirit
and the impact sales roles have on their success. This scholarship is awarded to the
winner of the Fall Southeastern Sales Challenge, which is a role-play competition
held on campus.

2022-2023 Recipient – Gabriel Pevey

2021-2022 Recipient – Avery Fryar

2020-2021 Recipient – Emily Browning

2019-2020 Recipient – India Williams


The Alexis and Todd Ducorbier Family Scholarship

Alexis Ducorbier is a State Farm Agent in Hammond, LA who has a passion for mentoring
students, especially those interested in going into the sales profession. This scholarship
recognizes sales program students with a 2.5 minimum GPA from Orleans, Jefferson,
St. Tammany or Tangipahoa Parish. Preference is given to those who have a financial

2022-2023 Recipient – Emily Stark

2021-2022 Recipient – Drew Barzenick

2020-2021 Recipient – Brielle Ricca

2019-2020 Recipient – Karlie McDonald


Lane & Tasha Daniel Scholarship in Sales

Lane and Tasha Daniel are both proud graduates of Southeastern. Mr. Daniel has had
a successful career in sales and has established this scholarship to make it easier
for working students to complete their degree and move on to promising careers. Their
scholarship provides financial assistance to students in the Southeastern Louisiana
University Professional Sales program. Recipients are recommended by the sales program

2022-2023 Recipient – Aniya Ally

2020-2021 Recipient – Zakiya Miller

2020-2021 Recipient – Paxton Page

2019-2020 Recipient – India Williams


Dickie Whitson Leadership Scholarship

2022-2023 Recipient – Jesse Demars

2020-2021 Recipient – Grace Babin


In addition to the concentration, there is a student organization for sales students,
the Southeastern Sales Association. For more information on getting involved with
the association, contact the SSA President, Karlie McDonald ([email protected]


Abigail Benson


“This program gave me valuable skills that I could not have gotten anywhere else.”

– Abigail Benson, sales student