Distinguished Professorships

Drs. Molly McGraw and Marc Settembrino have been awarded endowed professorships by
the university for acedmic excellence. This is the first time that two of the department’s
professors have held endowed professorships at the same time.

Dr. McGraw received the Distinguished Teaching Endowed Professorship in the Humanities
during the Fall 2022 semester. The professorship provides three years of funding.
Dr. McGraw is a physical geographer who joined the department in 2005, two weeks before
Hurricane Katrina. She has taught a number of different geography classes, including
Louisiana Geography, Geography of Natural Hazards, Introduction to Geography, and
Physical Geography.  She is also an active researcher with interests ranging from
Alaskan Arctic rivers to coastal New Zealand, with Louisiana wetlands in between.
She is currently working on a project involving media coverage of recent major hurricanes
and updating a Louisiana Geography textbook.

Dr. Marc Settembrino (he/they) was awarded the Woman’s Hospital Endowed Professor
in the Humanities in the Fall of 2020. In this role, Dr. Settembrino has expanded
on their successful integration of yoga/embodied learning practices in my undergraduate
courses and developed a new undergraduate course that examines yoga philosophy and
practices and how they can support social justice movements. Additionally, Dr. Settembrino
has hosted several virtual conversations with yoga practitioners who have shared how
their yoga practice informs their social justice activism. Speaking about their yoga
practice, Dr. Settembrino says, “White Supremacy, Cis-Hetero-Patriarchy, Ableism,
Anti-Fatness, and Capitalism actively repress our humanity. As a result, many of us
accept that we are unworthy of dignity. Worse yet, we allow other people to suffer
because we don’t recognize them as humans either. At its core, yoga is a practice
for reconnecting with our humanity and learning to recognize that humanity in others.”
To learn more, contact Dr. Settembrino via email at
[email protected].