IB Primary Years Programme



IB educators lead the way in providing a comprehensive international education for
The IB educator and leadership certificates help educators develop in many areas that
benefit teaching and learning in ways that are oriented toward inquiry, research and
project-based learning among other things.

IB educator certificates: the international symbol of excellence
Grounded in a global mindset, IB educators are catalysts for infusing higher-order
thinking skills into a new generation of learners and leaders. They draw on the IB’s
highly acclaimed, research-based curriculum to prepare students for global leadership

The IB educator certificates, the IB certificate in teaching and learning and the
IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research, provide a rich learning
experience, ongoing professional development and the flexibility to follow a learning
model that best fits individuals’ career paths.

IB certificate in teaching and learning
The IB certificate in teaching and learning offers students the opportunity to examine
the principles and practices associated with one of three IB programmes (Primary Years,
Middle Years and Diploma Programmes). The courses that lead to this certificate shape
pre-service, new and experienced educators into reflective practitioners and teacher


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The Curriculum

The entire programme is 2 semesters (online).  Each semester is 6 credit hours for
a total of 12 credit hours.  After two semesters, you will receive a Certificate of
International Education from Southeastern University AND the IB Educator Certificate
in Teaching and Learning from the International Baccalaureate Organization. Each course
has domains.  There is a project or paper or presentation for each domain, but there
is a difference with this program.  Each project/paper/presentation is differentiated
so that it may be directly applied to your current school setting. 

Primary Years Programme