Employee Appreciation

Southeastern demonstrates "Employee Appreciation" over two weeks

Southeastern will demonstrate its Employee Appreciation over the two-week period beginning April 13 with several events, contests and prizes.

"Although we have had our challenges in recent years, particularly where state funding is concerned, I am incredibly proud of the work our faculty and staff have done to continue providing outstanding educational opportunities for our students," said John L. Crain, president. "Please know that you are valued, and your work is absolutely essential to the success of our students and this institution. While financial considerations have precluded us from rewarding our employees in the customary monetary fashion, I hope the following is received as a sincere expression of appreciation."


Prizes given out during the period include Southeastern jackets, wrought iron SLU spirit door hangars, gift packages compliments of Southeastern Athletics, $50 gift certificates for your department to Document Source, Aramark and the Bookstore compliments of the Southeastern Alumni Association.