Southeastern Loyal Society

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Southeastern Loyal Society Member List for 2023:

Jamie Abate
Ron Abel
Danny Adams, Jr.
Scott and Gwynne Adams
Headley and Virginia Adelmann
Robert Airhart
Tom and Jane Vanderhider Akers
Antoinette Alack
Sen. John Alario
Robert Alford
Robin Allen
Scott and Daryl Allen
Beth Anderson
Jan and Fritz Anderson, II
Tom and Donna Gay Anderson
Charlie and Dell Andrews
Ben Annison
Lucia Antenucci
Drs. George and Gina Anthon
John and Sabrina Anzalone
Mary Beth Applin
Justin and Taylor Archote
Torris Armstead
Mike Arnett
Al Arsenault, Jr.
Rachel and Jay Artigues
Will Assaf
Michael Avant
Chibuike Azuoru
Vikki and Greg Baker, Sr.
Roxann and Buddy Balado, Jr.
Laci Baldwin
Drs. Mary and Richard Ballard
Carol and Joseph Bandera, III
Pam and Christopher Bankston
Byron Bankston
Dr. Aristides Baraya
Dr. Donald Bardwell
SeWilla Barker
Marcia Barr
Coletta and Buddy Barrett, Jr
Jeremy and Esther Barrios
Randy and Alison Barsh
Anna Bass
Chris and Ashley Bass
Bob Baynham
Doug Baynham
Dr. Chris Beachy
Sherry Beall
Kevin and Sophie Bean
Bruce and Peggy Beard
John Beca
Margaret and Andrew Bechac
Mary Ann Beck
Dr. Gerlinde and Mark Beckers
Michael Beckner
Janet and Benjamin Becnel
Dr. Robin Bennett
Tara Bennett
Jessica Bennett
Santo and Pam Bentivegna
Dr. Charlotte Bentley
Al and Chris Bentley
Joseph and Judy Berey
Kim and Brad Bergeron
Rita Bertolino
Rick and Rosalie Bienvenu
Michelle and Ed Biggs
Dr. Luanne Billingsley
Gloria Blackwell
Don Blanchard
Dr. Gerald and Jennifer Blanchard
Dale Bonaventure
Dr. Thomas and Judith Bonner
Dr. Roy Bonnette and Mary Maciaz
Nicole Bono
Louis and Dr. Donnie Booth
Ashley Bordelon
Melissa T. Bordelon
Dr. Janice Bossart
Dimitrios Boulahanis
Dr. John and Angela Boulahanis
Dr. Tammy Bourg
Don Brandin
Janie Branham
Kevlin Braun
Jessica and Bernie Braun, Jr.
Patrick and Tracy Brazan
Amanda Briganti
Fay Bright
Tyler Brignac
Walter Brock
Rick Johnson and Michaelyn Broussard
Terry Brown, Sr.
Barry and Shirley Brown
Dennis and Kathy Bruhl
Richard and Ines Bruhl
Martin and Eileen Bruno
Joel and Lynette Bruno
Larry Burch
Beverly Burgess
Dr. Julie Burkey
Dr. Jow Burns
Hon. Bill Burris
Tom Burroughs
Rhett and Jennifer Butler
Marianna Cabiran
William and Alice Calloway
Michael Cambre
Dr. Kathy Campbell
Samuel and Kalie Campo
Dr. Alan Cannon
Charles and Ann Cannon
Dawn Cantrell and Dan King
Kim Carr
Drs. Ann and Paul Carruth
Dr. Thad and Barbara Carter
Sal and Patsy Caruso
Bryant and Kimberly Caruso
Paulo Casanova
Scott Cassels
Dr. Patsy Causey
David Cavell
Marcus and Sherry Chalona
Marion Ruth Chandler
Jamie Chapman
Kemmie Chapple
Charlie and Christina Chapple
Tiffany Chavers-Edwards
Nancy Cipriano
Makeitta Citizen
Terry Clair
Sammy Clark
Dr. Sally Clausen
Avie Collins
Jory Comeaux
Bruce and Brenda Conerly
Jeanine and David Connelley
Kathy  and Louis Cook, Jr.
Hoy Cooke
Russ Copping
Victor Correa-Cruz
Jerry and Diane Correjolles
Steve Cory
Steve and Andree Cosse’
Keith Costa
Andre and Kelly Coudrain
George Courtney
Beverly Covington
Dr. John Crain
Dr. Eileen Creel
Gilbert and Dianne Crochet
Lt. Col. Frank and Evelina Cross
Renee’ Crowder
Lanell Crowell
Sandra Cruz
Douglas and Carol Curet
Edith and Jeffrey Cutrer
Brendan Daigle
Stan Dameron
Ashley D’Angelo
Lane and Tasha Daniel
Blake and Sandy Daniels
Joe and Lee D’Anna
Elaine Dares
Smoke and Talley Darouse
Beth and Hugh Daschbach
Lauren Johns Davies
Dr. Eddie Davis
Brittani Davis
Sherry De Gruy
Karen Dean
Darla Delaney
Ben Delatte
Wanda and Dr. Thomas DeVaney
Karen Diaz
Carl Dick
Calmer Dighton
Joseph Dilmon
Russell Diodene’
Angelo and Tricia Distefano
Gwynette Dixon
Gwen Dodge
Rose Doles
Susan Dolson
Sam and Dr. Lindsay Domiano
Hugh Doss
Patti and Tom Dowie
Skylar Dowies
Yvonne and Ross Downing, Sr.
Dudley and Vonda Downing
Ronnie and Leslie Doyle
Alexis and Todd Ducorbier
Dennis and Martha Dufour
Helen and Roy Dufreche
Rob and Lesa Dugas
Alyssa Duhe
Jerry Dunn
Forrest and Hayley Duplantier
Paul and Kay duTreil
Allie Dyer
Beth and Bob Ebberman
Marlyn Eddy
Kathy Sue and Frank Edwards, III
Sheriff Daniel and Judge Blair Edwards
Bill and Mertis Edwards
Allen Ellender
Peter Emerson
Dr. David Evenson
Jeff and Christine Fabre
Lori Fairburn
Vanessa Falgoust
Dan and Cindy Faller
Sarah Farrell
Barbara Favre
Patricia Feaheny
Kathleen Feaheny
Dr. Fred and Lydia Fellner
Hon. Donald Fendlason
Judy and Rick Fenner
Paul “Pete” Fife
Joe and Dottie Finke
Beth and Rodney Finke
David and Kathy Firmin
Dan Fish
Allison Fontenot
Paul and Denise Forbes
Madissen Ford
Kandace Formaggio
Rebecca Fortenberry
Andree Foster
Mayson and Connie Foster
Tammy Fouts
James and Geraldine Foxworth
Rick Fremin
Marcia Galatas
Michelle Gallo
Manie and Linda Garcia
Jennifer Garner
Miles and Angela Garrett
Melba Garza
Eileen and Dr. Paul Gaston, III
Dr. Carl and Angel Gauthier
Sue and Jack Gautier
Sharon Gautreau
Frank and Vicki Gaydos
Monica and Jimbo Geisler
Charles Genco
Gwendolyn and Kent Gerhardt
Bridget Giaratano
Sheri Gibson
Kathy Gill
Bob and Pat Giraud
Dr. Tena L. Golding
Dr. Anne Gowdy
Patricia Gower
Anita Gradwohl
Pat and Richard Graves
Drs. Elizabeth and Larry Gray
Olivia and Michael Graziano
Lanny and Mary Jo Greaves
Jim and Julie Greely
Keturah Green
Alfred Grieshaber
Steve and Denise Grigas
Janice Gruber
Gordon and Toby Gsell
Dr. Sid Guedry, Jr.
Dr. Jackie Guendouzi
Paul and Dawn Guidry
Gary and Lynn Guidry
Judy Guillory
Brian and Darlene Guillot
Cecile Guin
Robert and Jennifer Gundersen
Jan and Mose Guzzardo
B. J. Guzzardo, Jr. and Faye Ivanyisky
Olivia Habetz
Khalli Hagan
Hannah Hampton
Andrea and Eddie Hano
Barbara Hardesty
Lorraine Harper
Ron Harrell and Christian Mounger
Charles Harrington
Craig and Deidre Harris
Dr. Lucia Harrison
Brenda Hayden
Brenan Haynes
Rene’ Hebert
Dr. Eddie Hebert
Dr. C.J. and Marian Hebert
Stan and Lek Hebert
Stella and Jay Helluin
Phil and Valerie Hemphill
Krista Henderson
Kathleen Higginbotham
Welton Hill
Sandra Hill
Sarah Hill
Courtney and Jesse Hodges
Daniel and Erica Hogan
Carol Holcombe
Herb and Melinda Holloway
Steven Honore
Betsy Hood
Henry and Gail Hood
Dr. Carol Hopson
Lynn Horgan
Dr. Daniel Hotard
Samuel Hubbard
Dr. Timothy Hudson
Sandra Hufstetler-Istre
Darrius Hughes
Thanette Hunsberger
Robyn Hutchinson
Dr. Minh Huynh
Johnette Ippolito
Dawn Iueli
Darren Jacob
Lt. Col. Ginger Jacocks
Angela James
LeVar and Rhonda James
Madeline Janney
Frederick and Patricia Jarrell
Shannon Jenkins
Valerie Jenkins
Pedro Jimenez-Antenucci
Betty Johnson
Becky Johnson
Evelyn Johnson
Craig and Reagan Johnson
Eric Johnson and Albert Hulett
Mike Jones
Josh Jones
Thomas Jones
Brandy Jones
Ann Jones
Kris Jones
Madeleine Jones
Lee Jones
Laura Jones
Marilyn Jones
Ryan and Jessica Jones
Dr. Nancy Joyner
Dot Juneau
Jane and Edward Kashuba
April and Jonathan Kemp
Dwayne Kern
Larry and Penny Kerr
Allison Kerry
Charles Kessler
Roshanna King
Clyde King
Jimmy King
Bill Kingsmill
Kathleen Kinzeler
Bill and Melissa Kinzeler
Dr. Colleen Klein-Ezell
Les Klotz
Margaret and Delos Knight
Margaret and Joseph Koehler
Raissa Kowalski
Kenneth and Stephanie Stafford Kropog
Thomas Kuhn
Hon. Jimmy and Cheryl Kuhn
Mike Kyles
Bridget and Andrew LaBorde
Judy LaCour
Michael and Becky Lacour
Gina Laird
Hal Lamb
Heather Lambert
Freddie Lambremont
Tasha and Jeff Dameron
Joey and Suzie Lamonte
Beezie and Jenny Landry
Yvonne and Buck Landry
James Laney
Shelby and Marija LaSalle
Michael and Laura Latino
Bubba Lauderdale
Wendy and Steve Lauderdale
Dr. Melanie Lavergne
Dot Lavigne
Jimmy Lawler
Alex Leader
Bart and Angie Leader
Terri and Conway LeBlanc
Nikki LeBlanc
Scuddy LeBlanc
Earl and Jan LeBourgeois
Kati Morse LeBreton
Dr. William Ledoux
Dr. Sang Lee
Dr. Chris and Becky Leumas
Peter and Shaquisha Lewis
Wallace and Evelyn Lewis
Dr. Shikang Li
Dr. Lee and Diana Lind
Dr. F.J. and Malloy Liner
Al and Rose Link
Dr. Edwin and Laura Litoff
Dr. Georgina Little
Phil and Ann Livingston
Cliff and Amber Lloyd
Farley Lobdell
Irish and Mijana Lockard
Jules Lockhart
Carey Lockhart
Dr. Glenda Lofton
Dr. Ann Kay Logarbo
Carlos and Dr. Tara’ Lopez
Sarah and Marcus Lovro
Haywood Loyde
Louis Lucia
Dr. Carole Lund
Cassie Luquet
Joe Macaluso
Megan Magri
Ann and John Maihot
Carmen Maillet
Kazanna and Chuck Mancuso
John Manzella
Bonnie Marcantel
Myrtle Marcotte
Craig Marinello
Bill and Marilee Marshall
Ciara Martin
Paul Martin
Trey Martin
Louise and Salvatore Martino
Sheila and Judd Matheny
Julie Mathies
Cameron Matthews
Daniel Mattison
Buck and Dr. Kay Maurin
Richard and Opal Castleberry Mayeux
Dr. Dan McCarthy
Terry McCarthy
Drs. Debbie and Daniel McCarthy
Drs. Samuel McClugage and Katherine St. Amant
Nick and Alicia McDaniel
Emily McDonald
Dr. James McElveen
Lucius McGehee
Crystal McHenry
Barbara McKaskle
Judson and Tammy McKnight
Shae McLin
Sandra MaManus
Laken McMorris
Sharon McNamara-Horne
Linda McPherson
Dr. Brad and Kay McPherson
Shawn McTopy
Roland and Candace Meariman
Larry and Andre Meilleur
David Melancon
Francis and Josie Mercante
Samantha Messina
Dr. Genesa Garofalo Metcalf
Curtis Meyers
Dr. Joe and Gayle Miller
Hon. Robbie and Donna Miller
Tommy and Patty Miremont
Martin Mitchell
Carl and Anita Mixon
Frank Mixon
Drs. Randy and Barbara Moffett
Don and Daphne Monistere
Danny and Maria Monistere
Jerry Montalbano
Gerald Monteleone
Lisa Moody
Dr. Tim and Ann Mooney
Carmon and Su Ellan Moore
Richard and Janet Moran
Dr. Rob Moreau and Linda Baynham
Casey Morgan
Janet and Chuck Morse
Eliska Mosley
Dr. Pat Moyer
Amber Murphy
Kelley Murphy
Kay Myers
Janice Myers
Bob Myers
Marcus and Michelle Naquin
Wayne and Barbara Naquin
Pat Nayle
Cindy Neal
Cynthia and John Nesser
Aimee Nethercutt
Chad Nethercutt
Drs. Kent Neuerburg and Margaret Gonzalez-Perez
Chevies and Sonja Newman
Annette Newton-Baldwin
Howard and Sue Nichols
Benjamin Norman and Katie Walker
Chuck O’Drobinak
Shannon Olivier
Jenni and J.J. O’Neil
Walter and Karen Ordoyne
Drs. John O’Reilly and Penny Shockett
Elizabeth Ortego
Marjorie Parker
Mr. Jerry Parker, Jr.
Anita and Neal Patel
Lisa and Frank Patti
Cheryl Pauli
Dr. Rhonda Pecoraro
Joan Penton
Lorraine Peppo
Dr. Dana Perilloux
Lamar and Stacy Picou
Kaylie Piller
Sarah and Wilton Pinion
Dr. Gordon and Nanette Pitie
Brigett Pittman
Camille and Monica Plaisance
Dr. Mary Sue Ply
Paulette Poche
Gail Ponder
Joe Porter
Dr. John and Georgianne Poteet
Merry and John Poumaroux
Larry Pray
Gene Pregeant
Vanessa Prentice
Gary Prescott
Dr. Cynthia Prestholdt
Dr. Claire Hopson Procopio
Andy and Susan Prude
Shane Purvis
Michell and Scott Rabalais
Brittney Rabalais
Col. David and Dr. Birgitta Ramsey
Edward and Pamela Ramspott
Guy Recotta
Adonica Reed
Dr. Edgar Reyes
Marc Reynerson
Jonathan and Shelly Rhodes
Samantha Ricau
LaVerne and Wayne Richardson
Ben and Ashley Richardson
Cathy and Ronnie Richoux
Lester and Devan Richoux
Dr. Joe Ricks, Jr.
Ken Ridgedell
Anthony Rieger, Jr.
Dr. Paul and Elizabeth Riggs
Matt and Jeanette Riser
Mike Rivault
Robin Roberts
Nash and Peggy Roberts
Carmen Robertson
Francis and Laura Robicheaux
Charlie and Vickie Robinson
Dr. Wendy Rock
Preston and Evelyn Rodrigue
Kelli Roe
Austin Rogers
Dr. Peggy Rolling
Katherine Rose
Ronnie and Rhonda Rosevear
Marcus and Claire Rovira
Harry and Ann Rownd
Saul Rubio
Drs. Roy and Barbara Saigo
Steve and Suzie Saint
Elizabeth and John Salisbury
Bobbi Sampson
Donna Saurers
Golda Sawyer
Beverly Schalon
Mopey Schaumberg
Kay and Steve Schepker
Cheryl Schiro
Sharyn Schmitt
Carl and Cheryl Schneider
Janey and Calvin Schoonmaker
John and Mala Schott
Hon. John and Ellie Schroeder
Patty Scott
Monette Scott
Julie and Kelly Scott
Maude Sharp
Malayne Sharp
Mike and Judy Sharp
Ralph and Nancy Shaw
Bruce Sherman
Francis Shill
Dr. Rick and Judy Simpson
Michael Sistrunk
Peggy Smith
Margaret and Steven Smith
Donna Smith
Janice Smith
Yazmyn Smith
Stephen and Rhonda Smith
Barbara and Jeff Smith
Jackie and Helen Smith
Kyle and Lauren Smith
Tommy and Margie Smotherman
Hon. Mark and Lynn Solomon
Rhonda Southall
Charles and Vickie Spedale
Dr. Sarah Spence
Stan and Suzanne St. Pierre
Gary Stafford, Jr.
Edgar and Kay Starns
Brent Starring
Donna Stevens
Gail Stevenson
Bernard and Dr. Lillian Stiegler
Jan and Roxanne Stoehr
Pat and Amy Strange
Anna Strider
Carolyn and Charles Stutts
Dr. Stephen Suber
Rebecca Sulzer
Ray Summers
Dr. Eric and Sandy Summers
Damon Sunde
Michele and Wayne Sutton
Slater Smartwood
Dr. Sue Swilley
Becky and Ed Swindell
Will Takewell
Joe Tallo
Janice Talluto
Richard and Phyllis Talluto
Catherine Tanis
Jewell Tarifa
Jeffrey Taylor
John and Mary Templet
Dr. Ken Terrell
Arleeta Terrell
Linda Thatcher
Andre and Dr. Annette Theriot
Andy and Maxine Thiel
Carol Thomas
Clyde and Kathleen Thompson
Nop Thongpreda
Dr. Kenneth Tillman
H.K. Torrence
Hays Town
Terry Tripp
Dennis Trosclair
Jeremy and Dr. Rebecca Troulliet
Michael and Denise Tullier-Holly
Gene Ulmer, Jr.
Nick and Linda Vaccaro
Debra Vallaroutto
Gail Campbell Varble
Dr. Paula Varnado-Sullivan
Amy and Brian Verberne
Mark Verbois
Yvonne Vernon
Cindy Visot, EdD.
Micque Voges
Paul Waidhas
Marcy Walden
Jimmy and Sandra Walker
June Walker
Danny and Donna Wallette
Tracey and Lonnie Wascom
Larry and Melanie Watkins
Robert and Kathy Watkins
John and Belinda Watson
Sally Watts
James Weider, Jr.
Ellen White
Dr. Carlton and Nell Whitehead
Dickie Whitson
Anne Wilbourne
Dawn Wilkerson
Cristy Wilks
Quinton Williams
Dr. June Williams
Courtney Williams
Drs. Dale and Judith Williams
Nancy and Dr. Steve Williams
Dr. Gabe Willis
Dr. Richard and Paula Willis
John Wilson, Sr.
Dr. Rusty and Katie Wilson
Terry and Christie Wiltz
Dr. Jim Winter, Jr.
Keith and Linda Wittie
David and The Hon. Elizabeth Wolfe
Jim and Christy Womack
Jonathan and Trang Wong
Drs. Ralph and Angela Wood
Anna Woodall
Steve and Jill Worth
Jeffrey Wright
Sandy Wright
Bobby and Marsha Yarborough
Dr. John Yeargain
Robert and Julia Youngblood
Brian Zeringue
Jim Zimlich