Get There Profiles

Alyssa Larose

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Into The Marketing Big Leagues

With a master’s in strategic communication, alumna Alyssa Larose ’20, ’22 is representing her favorite top brands like Coca-Cola as a senior account executive for Red Moon Marketing.

Lauren Gehringer

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Into Empowering Kids

After witnessing the difference special education made for members of her own family, Lauren Gehringer set on a path to empower and fight for special needs children and their caregivers.

Lori Robertson

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Into Making A Comeback

After putting her career on hold for several years to raise a family, Lori Robertson is on the brink reentering the healthcare field and helping patients fulltime—at an even more advanced level.

Alexis Genovese

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Into Capturing The Story

Set on a career in broadcast journalism, communications major Alexis Genovese is already making a name for herself both behind and in front of the camera.

Ebony Morris

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Into Raising The Bar

Driven by a love for solving complex problems to help others, Ebony Morris ’11 is thriving as a prominent New Orleans attorney.

Landon Hebert

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Into Understanding Others

By combining an interest in understanding human behavior, a desire to help others, and a love of sports, Landon Hebert is on track to achieve his dream job of a sports psychologist.

Brandon An

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Into Helping Others

Sparked by helping others during military search and rescue operations, master’s student and military veteran Brandon An is on a mission to restore quality of life for the elderly.

Jenna-Francis Duvic

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Into The Spotlight

With a life-long passion for great storytelling and production and acting awards already under her belt, Jenna-Francis Duvic is set to take the spotlight both in front of and behind the camera.

Zac and Cari Caramonta

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Into Owning A Business

Zac ’07 and Cari ’06 Caramonta launched and run one of the 50 fastest-growing breweries in the nation.

Demille Davis

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Into Formation

Tuba and euphonium player Demille Davis is setting a high bar to reach his dream job as a high school marching band director: expanding his repertoire to include all concert instruments.

Lucy Bateman

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Into Children's Lives

Inspired by the encouragement and joy for learning her own teachers instilled in her, Lucy realized as a high school student and summer camp volunteer that she wanted to give back by helping future generations.

Amy Schneida

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Into Med School

After caring for patients in urgent care and investigating neuron disruptions in the brain for her honors thesis research, Amy Schneida is one step closer to medical school and practicing psychiatry.

Kourtney Williams

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Into Thousands Of Homes Daily

Communication graduate Kourtney Williams, now a morning news TV anchor, built up her profile and portfolio while reporting for Southeastern’s Emmy award-winning college news program.

Nick Stevens

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Into The Wild

Master’s student Nick Stevens is saving Louisiana’s remaining forested wetlands one restoration project at a time.

Cadyn Reed

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Into The Winner's Circle

After a shoulder injury sidelined her college cheer career, Cadyn Reed, a two-time state champion, rebounded with a breakaway move toward her dream job in sports management.

Caroline Watson

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Into National Politics

Political science major Caroline Watson, who once hesitated to major in political science, works in the country’s political epicenter, advocating for Louisianans as an intern for U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy.

KeRon Jackson

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Into Teaching the Next Generation

Inspired by the push his teachers gave him, KeRon Jackson knew he wanted to teach and propel other students to reach their full potential.