Thesis Director Responsibilities

Guide the student through the thesis design and execution

  • Work with the student to refine the student‘s interests into a suitable thesis project
  • Provide a clear expectation for the thesis/project, which addresses benchmarks, length,
    assessment, and other aspects of scholarship specific to the particular discipline
  • Help identify an appropriate thesis second reader
  • Meet with the student and second reader to work together to establish appropriate
    deadlines for drafts
  • Be prepared to meet with the student regularly (at least biweekly; more often as needed)
    throughout the thesis project
  • Read and comment on drafts of the thesis as it develops


Coordinate the Thesis Presentation / Defense

  • Reserve a room for the student‘s Thesis Presentation/Defense in the week allotted
    for defenses by the Honors Director
  • Advertise the Presentation/Defense to faculty and students in the program
  • Notify the Honors Director of the time and place of  the Presentation/Defense
  • Attend the Presentation/Defense and ask questions appropriate to establishing the
    senior’s expertise on the thesis topic
  • Notify the student of any desired revisions and the deadline for submitting them to
  • Inform the Director of the Honors Program if there appear to be indications that the
    thesis project is not on track for completion

Sign off on the thesis

  • Receive final copy of thesis and verify revisions are completed to your satisfaction
  • Sign the Honors Thesis Cover Sheet
  • Submit signed Thesis Cover Sheet to the Honors Director by the last day of class for
    the given semester

Attend the Honors Awards Ceremony if possible

  • Stand when senior’s advisor is recognized
  • Place Honors graduation cords on senior