Access Services

Contact Information

Hours: Library Hours
Location: Sims, Rm. 134
      Angela Dunnington
      Dept. Head
Phone: 985-549-3485

Access Services

The Access Services Department at Linus A. Sims Memorial Library is responsible for the management of four different units:


Name Title Phone Room
Angela Dunnington Head of Access Services 985-549-3485 Sims 134
Erin Ballam Day Student Supervisor, Circulation 985-549-2235 Sims 141
Amy Baptist ILL/Access Services Librarian 985-549-3957 Sims 123
Leslie Davis Library Specialist, Media 985-549-2033 Sims 234
Rose Galofaro Circulation/Reserve Department Supervisor 985-549-3484 Sims 112
Debra Vallaroutto Evening/Weekend Supervisor 985-549-2039 Sims 141
Barbara West ILL Supervisor 985-549-5318 Sims 141