Media Department

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Hours: Library Hours
Location: Rm. 233
Contact: Leslie Davis,
       Library Specialist
Phone: (985) 549-2033

Media Department

The Media Department is located on the second floor of Sims Memorial Library and maintains a collection of media materials that includes Blu-ray discs, DVDs, videocassettes, audiocassettes, CDs, slides, and phonograph records. The department also houses a wide variety of equipment, much of which is available for use both within and outside of the department.

The Media Department is a unit of the Access Services Department.

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  • Borrowing Privileges
    Media materials may be borrowed by all users in good standing with an active library account for a period of three weeks.

  • Library Card
    All library users must present a valid Southeastern ID card in order to check out media materials. If a faculty member or administrative staff wishes to have a student charge out materials for him/her using the faculty member's ID, a written request from the faculty member on university letterhead is required.

  • Recall and Hold of Library Materials
    All media materials are subject to recalls and holds after the initial due date has passed. Any failure to respond to a recall request will result in the blocking of all borrowing privileges, including interlibrary loan requests.


  • Media Reserves
    All faculty members are able to place media materials on reserve for students to view. Reserve requests are placed by submitting a completed "Media Reserve Request" form and are valid for one semester only. Blank forms are available online (pdf file) or from the Media Department office. Any reserve request for materials coming from a faculty member's personal library must also be accompanied by a signed "Waiver for Personal Items" form in order to be processed. Please allow up to two business days for the processing of reserve requests.

  • Viewing Rooms
    The Media Department has four (4) viewing rooms available for the purpose of viewing materials. Each room is equipped with a television, VCR, and DVD player, and is available for use by students for periods of up to two hours at a time. Other equipment that may be used in the viewing rooms includes a Blue-ray Disc player, CD player, audiocassette player, lazer disc player, and record player.

  • Instructional Classroom
    The Media Department has a classroom (Room 252) available for use by faculty members. The room accommodates 30-35 students and has an instructor PC with Sympodium presentation technology, overhead projector, document camera, and DVD/VHS viewing equipment. Use of the classroom must be reserved through the Media Department at least 24 hours in advance and is subject to availability. Faculty may also use an online form to reserve Room 252 and will be sent a confirmation by email. A faculty member must be present in the classroom at all times.

  • Presentation Practice Studio
    The Presentation Practice Studio is a dedicated space for university students to develop and rehearse multi-media presentations individually or in small groups. The Studio features InterWrite whiteboard presentation technology, an overhead projector, DVD/VHS viewing equipment, and can be used with a personal laptop as well as a dedicated PC.


  • Media Lab- The Department has 25 public access computers that provide access to the Library catalog, databases, the Internet, and Microsoft Office programs.

  • Laptop Lounge- The study area in the rear of the Media Department, next to the picture window, has been designated as a Laptop Lounge. Each table has its own in-floor power outlet for students to connect laptops and enjoy this quiet study space.

  • Computer for the Disabled- Computer access is available in the Media Deparment for users with disabilities. Users with special needs have access to equipment such as a large-print keyboard, a 20" monitor, and a scanner/reader, in addition to software for screen reading, speech recognition, and text enlargement. The computer is equipped with commonly used software applications, including Adobe Acrobat Reader, the Microsoft Office Suite-Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, and Word, and Internet Explorer.


The Media Department has a variety of equipment available for use by faculty, staff, and students. Individual faculty members or departments may borrow portable equipment for either same-day or overnight use. A complete listing of available equipment may be found below.
* denotes that an item is considered "portable equipment"

Audio Tape Players*
Blu-Ray Disc Players
Compact Disc Players
DVD Players
Laser Disc Players
PA Sound Systems
Phonograph Players*
Portable Screens*
Slide Projectors/Viewers*
TV/VCR Combinations*
Video Projectors

Flip video cameras are also available to all Library users for a one week checkout period. This service is made possible by a Student Technology Fee grant. Overdue fines on flip video cameras are $5 a day and users are responsible for the cost of replacing damaged or lost cameras.


Name Title Phone Room
Leslie Davis Library Specialist, Media 985-549-2033 Sims 234