Women's History Month Discussion Panel at Sims Library

Thursday, March 24, 2022 10:12:11 AM CDT

Women's History Month Discussion Panel at Sims 

The Women’s National Book Association New Orleans chapter and The English Department  of Southeastern Louisiana University have collaborated on a panel discussion presentation entitled  Anonymous and her Daughters: Women’s Authorship Revealed and Illuminated.  This event will take place in Sims Library on the third floor at 2:00 pm on Thursday, March 24.

Presenters include both members of Southeastern Louisiana University’s English faculty and members of The Women’s National Book Association.  Presenters of the English Faculty at Southeastern  include Doctors Heather Botsford, Bruce Craft, and Lisa Moody. Presenters from The Women’s National Book Association of New Orleans include Dr. Miki Pfeffer, student member (from Southeastern Louisiana University) William MacAllister, who has written such an exceptional conference paper that he is ready to present scholarly work alongside people who have completed work at the PhD level, and Anne Babson, who is both a member of the English Faculty and the President of the Women’s National Book Association’s New Orleans chapter.

“We are presenting work at Southeastern,” said Anne Babson recently, “to illuminate the work of women authors who have too often been considered second-class intellectuals or whose work has been too often trivialized by university scholars.  We intend to correct this for the twenty-first century.”

Ms. Babson also explained the inclusion of the work of Macallister, an undergraduate at Southeastern, in a panel of experts.  “William has produced such forward-thinking analysis of the work of poet Claudia Rankine and her understanding of gender that he is well able to sit with those who teach English at Southeastern and present original research and ideas. This is highly unusual and delightfully surprising.”

The panel discussion will take place on the third floor of the library, and after presenters have spoken, those present may ask questions of panel members. Admission is free, and there will be light refreshments available to those who attend.