The Spanish Club builds altar in Sims Library for Dia de los Muertos

Friday, October 28, 2022 8:07:14 AM CDT

The Spanish Club is honoring the dead by exhibiting an altar (ofrenda) in the Sims Library lobby from October 31 through November 2. The Club and their advisor, Dr. Rodrigo Pereyra, provided the following information about the tradition:

"The Spanish Club is happy to share with everyone part of the Hispanic traditions still alive today, the “altar de muertos” or Day of The Dead altar. It is not only a remembrance of deceased family members and friends, but it is a symbol of unity among those still alive. Join the Spanish club and be part of this and many other cultural and fun projects and adventures.

"For questions, email: or

"On November 1 & 2, the Catholic Church commemorates the lives of all those who have passed in what is called the feasts of all saints day and all souls day. Mexican natives also celebrated the passing of their loved ones in a day of the dead; after the arrival of Christianity with the Spaniards, Mexicans understood the idea of honoring the dead and integrated their tradition with that of the Christian faith.

"On November 2, the tradition all over Mexico is to decorate the tombs of their loved ones in cemeteries with flowers, candles, and lots of food to share with family during their visit to the tombs. At home, families build altars where they place pictures of all those in their family that have passed.

"The altar is decorated with flowers, food, fruits and sugar skulls. The sugar skulls are decorated with different colors and with the names of family members that are alive, this is intended to poke fun at death and to show that no one is afraid to die."

This is the third ofrenda that has graced the Library. Thank you to The Spanish Club and their advisor Dr. Rodrigo Pereyra for another festive ofrenda in Sims Library.