UHC Offers Weekly Mindfulness Breaks at Sims Library

Now that the semester is at the midpoint, stress levels are rising, as seen at the Counseling Center and University Health Center. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or even panic.  Relax! University Health Center has something to help maintain your focus and manage stress. Beginning March 6, UHC is offering weekly mindfulness sessions -- through finals week -- at Sims Library, 3rd floor.  Every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m., students will be guided through an exercise of physical relaxation and mindful breathing.

“These sessions help us understand the physiology of stress,” said Kay Grest, a nurse at University Health Center. “Through breathing mindfully, you can expand your awareness, learn to refocus, and be present for the task at hand.”

Although it's been practiced for centuries, the popularity of mindfulness has surged in recent years. You see it mentioned in magazines and on TV news, and in the business world where leaders are promoting mindfulness in the workplace to beat burnout and increase productivity.

For the past two years, Grest has lead the popular “Take a Breather” study breaks at Sims Library during final exams. She is also active in the Peace & Purpose team, a university mindfulness initiative. 

For more information, contact Angie Balius, (985-549-3898) or angie.balius@southeastern.edu.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 2:33:12 PM CST