Southeastern Student Named Mango Student Ambassador

Madeline Rey Bartels Chosen as Mango Ambassador

Madeline Rey Bartels, a Psychology and Spanish student from Colombia, South America, has joined a select group of her peers from across the country as a Mango Languages Student Ambassador.

Bartels was one of eight chosen nationwide for the program. The semester-long program provides opportunities to build networking, communication and marketing skills, preparing young professionals for the competitive job market.

Other applicants were chosen from Joliet Junior College, Washburn University, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Notre Dame, and Lebanon Valley College.

"I am very pleased to learn that Madeline has been accepted into the Mango Languages Student Ambassador Program. She is the ideal person to fulfill the mission of promoting foreign language learning and cross-cultural relationships on our campus. Being an international student herself, Madeline understands that learning at least one foreign language is fundamental in ones' professional growth in a global society, and leads to a deeper appreciation of cultural diversity,” said Dr. Lucia Harrison, Department Head, Languages and Communication and Director, International Initiatives Office.

As an ambassador, she’ll use Mango Languages (language-learning software) through the Sims Library to promote cross-cultural connections.This includes creating awareness through campus events, presenting to classrooms and clubs, and distributing promotional materials on the resource.

"I am so proud of Madeline! This is a huge accomplishment for both our department and Southeastern as a whole. Having her as a Student Ambassador will allow faculty members and students from all departments to have more tools and resources to strengthen and grow their knowledge in foreign languages and international cultures both in and outside of the classroom,” said Jerry Parker, Instructor and Director, Foreign Language Resource Center.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 9:22:42 AM CST