Green Talks Series To Focus to Coastal Wetlands Loss

Every year, the United States loses 25-35 square miles of wetlands; 90% of that loss occurs in Louisiana. Dr. Robert Moreau, a biology professor at Southeastern Louisiana University, will discuss how losing Louisiana’s coastal wetlands impacts our environment, culture, and economy in his presentation Turtle Cove and the Impacts of Coastal Wetland Loss,” on Wednesday, February 5, at noon, on the 3rd floor of Sims Library. The event is part of the Green Talks series hosted by Sims Library and the Sustainability Center. 

The Green Talksfocuson environmental topics facing Southeast Louisiana. “The talks will last only 30-minutes, followed by a question and answer session,” said Alejandro Martinez, Sustainability Manager. “We hope this will accommodate Southeastern staff and students who wish to attend.” Sims Library and the Sustainability Center are leading a campus-wide campaign to promote ecological awareness and education. 

Dr. Moreau is Manager of Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station, a field research and educational facility of Southeastern Louisiana University. Turtle Cove is located in the Lake Pontchartrain estuarine ecosystem. 

“We’re inviting everyone to bring your lunch, eat, and learn about Southeastern’s exciting sustainability initiatives. Together we can all learn better stewardship of campus resources through recycling, waste reduction, and environmental initiatives,” said Eric Johnson, Director of Sims Library. 

Green Talk: “Turtle Cove and the Impacts of Coastal Wetland Loss” 

Wednesday, February 5 at noon, on the 3rd floor of Sims Library

For more information, contact Angie Balius, Outreach Librarian, at phone (985)-549-3898 or


Tuesday, January 28, 2020 3:31:56 PM CST