Champagne Bingo a success

Hairspray at Columbia Feb. 10

Faculty Recital scheduled Feb. 9

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Grad app. deadline Feb. 15

Go Red for Women scheduled Friday

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Graduate students present research

Asbestos survey

Identify the smell

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Champagne Bingo a success
The FE-Lions alumni chapter's Champagne Bingo Saturday at Twelve Oaks was a blast for a good cause. Approximately 500 women attended the fundraiser for the Southeastern athletics program, where they enjoyed bingo games, raffles, live and silent auctions, door prizes and much more.
     “This was another record event for us,” said Alumni Director Kathy Pittman. “Everyone had a great time. We really appreciate the campus and community’s support of this fun fundraiser.”
     For more information about the FE-Lions, call the Alumni Association at 985-549-2150.

1) Creative hats at Champagne Bingo2) Waiting for the winning number


1) A lively group displays their creative hats at Saturday's Champagne Bingo. Seated from left are Phyllis Chatelain, Kristi Turner, Cassie Ragan and Dawn Panepinto. Standing from left are Tonya Madaries, Michelle Naquin, Lisa Gardner and Darla Tipton.

2) The ladies at Barbara Hoyt's table anxiously await their numbers to be called during a round of bingo.

Tony award-winning musical ‘Hairspray’ coming to Columbia Theatre Feb. 10 Michelle Dowdy and John McConnell
“Hairspray,” winner of eight Tony® Awards and one of the most popular and engaging musicals over the past decade, is coming to Southeastern’s Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts for one show only on Friday, Feb. 10.
     Presented by the Jefferson Performing Arts Society (JPAS), the production begins at 7:30 p.m. in the downtown Hammond theatre and stars Louisiana’s own John “Spud” McConnell of WWL radio as Edna, the role played by John Travolta in the movie “Hairspray,” and Broadway performer Michelle Dowdy as Tracy.
     Columbia Theatre Interim Director C. Roy Blackwood is excited about the performance.
     “Art frequently mimics life, and ‘Hairspray’ is no exception with over 2,600 Broadway and many hundreds of other performances around the world. Saccharin without promoting tooth decay, ‘Hairspray’ addresses significant social issues such as race relations and obesity without being heavy-handed or pedantic,” Blackwood said. “It is light with fabulous musical scores and wigs wild enough to promote social unrest. Pop and R&B are translated into the big, bouncy rhythms that Broadway demands. It is delightful entertainment.”
     “Hairspray” portrays Baltimore’s lovable plus-size teenager Tracy Turnblad and her passion for life and dancing in 1962, Blackwood explained. She wins a spot on a local TV dance program, which transforms her from an outsider to an instant teen celebrity. Can a larger-than-life adolescent manage to vanquish the program’s reigning princess, integrate the television show and find true love without mussing her hair?
     Tickets range from $30 - $36 and are available at the Columbia Theatre box office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 a.m. 4 p.m. or by phone at (985) 543-4371. Patrons may also get tickets online at
     The Southeastern Alumni Association is also offering a catered dinner in the Columbia Theatre Conference Center plus a show ticket for $50. The dinner starts at 6 p.m. For more information, contact the Alumni Association at 985-549-2150.

“Hairspray,” winner of eight Tony Awards, is coming to Southeastern Louisiana University’s Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts Friday, Feb. 10. Presented by the Jefferson Performing Arts Society and starring Louisiana’s own John “Spud” McConnell as Edna and Broadway performer Michelle Dowdy as Tracy, the production is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in the downtown Hammond theatre.

Faculty Recital scheduled February 9
Southeastern music faculty will present a recital on Feb. 9 with visiting artist Matt Ransom of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.
     Scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in the Pottle Annex Recital Hall, the free concert will feature Ransom on the tuba who will be assisted by faculty members David Johansen, trombone and Henry Jones, piano.
     Ransom is the principal tuba of the Winston-Salem Symphony, and tubist and founding member of Carolina Brass. He has performed with the North Carolina, Charlotte, Charleston, Augusta, Long Bay, Greensboro, and Western Piedmont symphonies, as well as the Carolina Chamber Symphony and the Piedmont Opera. As a member of the International Music Program Festival Orchestra, Ransom has performed in Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy.
     The recital will feature works by Johannes Brahms, Paul Hindemith, James Barnes, Halsey Stevens and Eugene Anderson.
     Admission is free. For more information, call 985-549-2184.

Southeastern professor co-authors text on complementary and alternative medicine Linda Synovitz
A professor of health education at Southeastern has co-authored the book Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Health Professionals: A Holistic Approach to Consumer Health.
     Linda Baily Synovitz of Southeastern’s Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies is the lead author of the book, described as a combined introduction to alternative therapies and holistic approach to traditional consumer health topics. The book was written in collaboration with Karl L. Larson, a community health educator at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minn.
     “Over our years of teaching consumer health courses, we have both observed the increasing interest of our students in topics relative to alternative health care practices,” said Synovitz. “Unfortunately, there are few consumer health texts available that explore the topic of alternative health practices and methods of healing. We felt a new approach was needed.”
     The intent of the book, she said, is to increase an individual’s knowledge of various traditional and alternative therapies so he or she can make informed consumer health decisions.
     “We wanted to provide accurate and meaningful information on a vast array of practices, as well as information on how to evaluate treatments and recognize quackery,” Synovitz added. “Through this approach, the consumer can explore more and arrive at his or her own conclusions.”
     The text book provides case studies that apply the material and ideas to real life situations, “In the News” segments to demonstrate relevancy to everyday life, class activity suggestions and review questions on the main points of the chapters. Each chapter has a corresponding PowerPoint slide program, a text bank, and lesson plans for instructors using the book.
     Among the alternative medical approaches discussed in the book are traditional Chinese medicine, the traditional medicine of India called Ayurvedic, naturopathic, homeopathic and chiropractic medicine, and treatments involving botanicals, aromatherapy and energy therapies. The work includes a section on medical self-care, health insurance information, and a chapter on scams and costly treatments that have been proven ineffective.
     “Being a healthcare consumer today requires more than just knowledge of traditional medicine and health practice, but should include some background on the expanding fields of complementary and alternative medicine that’s available in the U.S.,” Synovitz said.
     The book is published by Jones & Bartlett Learning of Burlington, Mass. More information is available at
Feb. 15 is final day for students to apply for Spring 2012 graduation
The final day for Southeastern students to apply to graduate in Spring 2012 is Feb. 15, the university announced today.
     The graduation application and payment deadlines will be strictly enforced, university officials said.
     Candidates for associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees can apply for graduation by logging into their LeoNet campus accounts and choosing the “Self Service, Degree Progress/Graduation, Apply for Graduation” option. Instructions are available on the “Current Students” link at; then click on “Graduation Information Apply for Graduation” or call Southeastern’s Office of the Registrar at 985-549-2066.
     The $35 application fee should be paid directly to the Controller’s Office, located on North Campus in the Financial Aid Building.
     Spring commencement exercises are scheduled for Saturday, May 12, at the University Center.
Go Red for Women scheduled Friday Jamie Napolitano
A Southeastern instructor in family and consumer sciences is encouraging the university community to wear red on Friday, Feb. 3. Jamie Napolitano, who has been chosen as one of six American Heart Association National Go Red for Women spokespersons, said the special recognition is designed to call attention to the fact that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women.
     “We feel it is very important to raise awareness in our communities about heart disease in women,” said Napolitano. “Many young ladies have so many risk factors and don’t even know it.”
     Napolitano was 19 years old and in college when she had a heart attack. Later she received a heart transplant.
She emphasized that one in three women has some form of cardiovascular disease, and it kills more than 420,000 women every year. When it comes to risk, about 90 percent of all U.S. women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease. Risk factors include cigarette smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, physical inactivity, poor diet, obesity and diabetes.
     Napolitano said several events are being scheduled this month in New Orleans and Baton Rouge as part of the Go Red for Women. For more information, contact Rebecca Rodrigue at the American Heart Association at Rebecca.rodrigue@heart.orgor call 770-612-6180.

Extended Studies to offer Basic Film Acting and Introductory Screenwriting Courses
Southeastern’s Division of Extended Studies, in partnership with the theatre program in the Department of Fine and Performing Arts, will offer non-credit courses in basic film acting and introductory screenwriting.
     Designed to address Louisiana’s growing entertainment industry, both courses are offered this spring and taught by James Winter, assistant professor of theater.
     “Introduction to Film Acting” is a 10-hour course offered in Mandeville on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. from March 7 to April 4. At a cost of $115, Winter said the course is designed to teach novice actors basic film audition techniques, on-set behavior, and how to find legitimate film acting work in Louisiana.
     “Introduction to Screenwriting” is offered in Walker on Mondays at 6 p.m. from March 12 to April 23 and provides an introductory knowledge base to pursue screen writing endeavors. Cost of the course is $125. Participants will learn professional formatting and techniques, as well as how and where to submit written screenplays for professional consideration, Winter said.
     Louisiana has become a primary location for the film and television industry thanks to the state’s competitive tax incentives that have successfully attracted significant investment in the industry and its infrastructure, including new studios and post-production facilities. The state’s Department of Economic Development is focusing on motion picture production as one of its key industries for growth and expansion.
     To register or for more information about this or other Extended Studies courses, visit or call 985-549-2301.
Grad students present research Graduate students present research at conference
Southeastern organizational communication graduate students recently presented their research at the 97th Annual Convention of the National Communication Association.
     Naomi Howard presented her work with Communication Professor Claudia McCalman, Ph.D., entitled “Communication Between Biomedical Providers and Hispanic Women Patients: Conventional Medicine, Herbal Treatments, and Disclosure.” Meghan Gereaue and Christopher Metz presented their work with Dr. Amber Narro entitled “State Legislator Online Communication in 2011: What a Difference Five Years Makes?”
     This was the first conference for Howard, Gereaue and Metz.
     “We are proud of our students and their faculty advisors for these research accomplishments,” said Dr. Lucia Harrison, Languages and Communication department dead. “We recruit outstanding students for our organizational communication graduate program, and we like to see them represent Southeastern on a national stage such as this.”

Pictured from left are Meghan Gereau, Christopher Metz, and Naomi Howard-Narcisse.

Asbestos survey
The State of Louisiana has completed an asbestos survey of all state-owned buildings as of March 1992. The results of the survey are compiled in management plans by facility.
     The management plans were assembled according to the requirements set forth in the Department of Environmental quality Required Elements Index. These plans are available for review to anyone interested in the results. The original plans will be kept in the office of the Associate Director of Physical Plant located at the maintenance compound on North Campus. A copy of the plan is available in the Reserve Room of Sim’s Library.
     Questions or concerns should be directed to Chris Asprion, Southeastern’s Asbestos Plan Manager, at 549-5698 in the Physical Plant Office.

Identify the smell
If you ever smell gas, call the Physical Plant promptly. Natural gas is odorless in its natural state. The disagreeable smell is added to let you know if any gas is escaping. Gas leakage may occur from faulty appliances, loose connections, service lines inside or outside your home or from gas mains. Leaks can be dangerous and should be dealt with promptly by experts.
     If you ever smell gas, even if you do not use it in your building on campus, take the following precautions promptly:
1.Call the Physical Plant (549-3333).
2.If the odor is very strong and you are indoors, go outside.
3.Do not turn any electrical switches on or off.
4.Do not light matches, smoke or create any other source of combustion.

     However slim the chances of danger, it doesn’t pay to take needless risks. At the first sniff of gas, play it safe. Call the Physical Plant at 549-3333.

Southeastern in the news
BR Advocate

Kevin Brady to head SLU human resources

Tangi schools called improved
Dardenne to address local leaders

Hairspray coming to Southeastern

Extended Studies news


Southeastern Sculpt (Monday’s Feb. 2 to Mar. 19, 5:15 to 6 p.m.)
This class is designed to enhance fitness by focusing on muscle strength and endurance and is for beginner, intermediate and advanced participants. The benefits of weight bearing exercise include muscle endurance, strength, calories burned, and increased bone density. The cost is $42.

Robert’s Rules of Order (Monday’s Feb. 6 to Feb. 27, 6 to 7:30 p.m.)
Roberts Rules of Order govern the conduct of most meeting of clubs, associations, large or small corporations, and public bodies. Discussions will include the techniques for members of such organizations to express their will in a competent, straight-forward manner so as to present the views of the members on issues and, at the same time, prevent chaos during the meetings. The cost is $55.

Introduction to the Internet (Tuesday Feb. 7, 1 to 5 p.m.)
In the course participants will be introduced to Windows Explorer and learn how to take full advantage of all that the Internet has to offer and will explore the interface and learn new ways to obtain information. The cost is $90.

Notarial Preparation Course (Tuesday’s Feb. 7 to May 29, 6:30 to 9 p.m.)
This course is designed to help students successfully pass the statewide Louisiana Notarial Exam. The course topics include: duties of a notary, contracts, judicial acts, donations and sale, wills, miscellaneous acts, and more. The cost is $625 with additional book cost of approximately $300.



Notarial Preparation Course (Tuesday’s Feb. 7 to May 29, 6:30 to 9 pm)
This course is designed to help students successfully pass the statewide Louisiana Notarial Exam. The course topics include: duties of a notary, contracts, judicial acts, donations and sale, wills, miscellaneous acts, and more. The cost is $625 with additional book cost of approximately $300.

To register, or for further details on these or other courses that are available please visit:
Hammond- Mandeville- Walker-

This Week in Athletics
Basketball and track action, as well as the Football Signing Day Bash highlight this week in Southeastern Athletics.
     The Lion basketball team (8-11, 2-5 Southland) will look to climb in the Southland Conference standings and improve on its stellar 8-1 home record in the University Center, as two league opponents venture to Hammond this week. On Wednesday, Lamar comes to town for a 7 p.m. contest. Sam Houston State visits on Saturday at 6 p.m.
     The Lady Lion basketball team (6-13, 1-5 Southland) will look to build momentum after defeating Northwestern State, 73-66, on Saturday for its first league win. On Wednesday, Southeastern will be in Beaumont, Texas for a 7 p.m. contest at Lamar. The Lady Lions travel to Huntsville, Texas on Saturday to take on Sam Houston State at 2 p.m.
     Southeastern head football coach and his staff will unveil the 2012 Southeastern recruiting class when the Lion Athletics Association hosts the annual Football Signing Bash on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Ray A. Naquin Strength and Conditioning Center. The event will begin with a meet and greet with the new Lion football staff and close with video and review of the recruits. Food and beverages will be provided.    Admission to the event is $10 for current Lion Athletics Association members with a LAA membership card, $15 for non-LAA members. LAA memberships will be available at the door, starting at $25.
     The Southeastern men’s and women’s track and field team will continue its indoor season this week. On Friday, the Lions and Lady Lions will compete in the Jeff Davis Bank McNeese Indoor II meet in Lake Charles.
     The Lion baseball team will also host its annual Alumni Game on Saturday at 1 p.m. Admission to the game, which will feature Lion baseball alumni squaring off against the 2012 squad, is free. Free hot dogs will also be available.
     Both of this week’s women’s basketball games and Saturday’s men’s basketball game will be broadcast live in the Hammond area on KSLU-FM (90.9) and on the Internet at Wednesday’s game will air on the Internet only at

Wednesday, February 1
Men’s Basketball, vs. Lamar, University Center, 7 p.m.*
Women’s Basketball, at Lamar, Beaumont, Texas, 7 p.m. (KSLU)*
Football, Signing Day Bash, Naquin Strength and Conditioning Center, 5:30 p.m.
Friday, February 3

Men’s and Women’s Track and Field, at Jeff Davis Bank McNeese Indoor II, Lake Charles, All Day
Saturday, February 4
Men’s Basketball, vs. Sam Houston State, University Center, 6 p.m. (KSLU)*
Women’s Basketball, at Sam Houston State, Huntsville, Texas, 2 p.m. (KSLU)*
Baseball, Alumni Game, Alumni Field, 1 p.m.
Southeastern home events in bold
* - Southland Conference contest

Professional activities
Dr. Barbara Forrest (History and Political Science) attended a conference on creationism in Europe and served on a Ph.D. committee at Ghent University in Belgium Nov. 14-20, 2011. The conference, which included scholars from across Europe, was held in conjunction with Ph.D. candidate Stefaan Blancke’s defense of his dissertation, “Towards an Integrated Understanding of Creationism in Europe: Historical, Philosophical, and Educational Perspectives.” Forrest was one of two American committee members who traveled to Ghent to participate in Dr. Blancke’s defense.
     Dr. Richard Louth’s (English) article “Katrina in Their Own Words: Collecting, Creating, and Publishing Writing on the Storm” has been published as a chapter in Circulating Communities: The Tactics and Strategies of Community Publishing, edited by Paula Mathieu, Steve Parks, and Tiffany Rousculp, Lexington Books, 2012. This collection “represents the first attempt to gather the myriad of community and college publishing projects, providing not only histories and analyses but extended samples of the community writing produced.”
     Dr. Glen J. Hemberger (Fine and Performing Arts) presented a paper and served as session chair at the 10th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities in Honolulu, Hawaii.
     Dr. Marc Riedel (Sociology and Criminal Justice) has published two peer-reviewed bibliographies for Oxford Bibliographies Online, a new series published by Oxford University Press covering major subjects in the social sciences. The first annotated document is on homicide, while the second is on homicide victimization.

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