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College of Business, Finance Technology Lab


In the world of high finance, nothing beats the real thing.


Look into Southeastern's College of Business finance technology lab and you'll see the same kind of finance hardware and software that major trading companies are using today. In addition, there's no "funny money" here... students are working with a portfolio of real investments that help earn money for scholarships.

The finance technology lab - a $199,000 state-of-the-art trading facility - provides the opportunity for Southeastern business students to be trained to perform various financial functions using the latest technology, training that makes them more competitive when they enter the job market.

The lab promotes active learning. Using the financial trading software, students learn security valuation by trading securities with other participants. Using Bloomberg terminals, students can test various stock and portfolio theories, and CrystalBall financial simulation software helps students measure risk-return relationships to improve their investment and business decision-making.

Student who are studying investments can use the knowledge gained in this lab in their efforts to enhance the university's Hayward Gibbes Hill portfolio. Using an initial portfolio with a worth of approximately $27,000 in 1977, Southeastern students have built up a fund now worth around $800,000, even after awarding numerous scholarships from the portfolio's earnings.

The lab has been so successful that Southeastern plans to enhance its teaching efforts by adding an additional Bloomberg terminal and subscribing to more financial evaluation software.


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