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Susan Coffey of Mandeville works with a student at Woodlake Elementary in Mandeville. Coffey was awarded "Outstanding Student Teacher" in May 2005 and is presently participating in Southeastern's Teacher Scholar program; Dr. Sonya Carr, interim director.


Susan Coffery, Master of Education graduate program

Dr. Sonya Carr, Teacher Scholar Program, interim director



Susan Coffey of Mandeville knew she wanted to be a teacher and knew that Southeastern was the university that would best equip her to reach that goal.

"Southeastern is known as the best teaching university in Louisiana -- and that is known nationally, too," said Susan, who was named the College of Education and Human Development's "Outstanding Student Teacher" in May 2005. "When I decided on college, there was no question that it had to be Southeastern."


"The experience at Southeastern was wonderful. I feel more than prepared as a teacher," she said.

After completing her student teaching in a first grade classroom at Pontchartrain Elementary in Mandeville and with her bachelor's degree in hand, Susan is taking the next step in her education by participating in the College of Education and Human Development's Teacher Scholar Program.

Now in its tenth year, the program enrolls first year teachers who have been identified as prospective leaders in their profession. Southeastern pays the salaries of the novice educators, who are placed in classrooms in participating local school districts. In addition to teaching, Teacher Scholars also are enrolled in a fast track Master of Education graduate program at Southeastern. School systems, in turn, release teachers to serve as "Link Teachers," who provide support for the Teacher Scholars and share their real world teaching expertise with students in Southeastern's teacher preparation program.

As a Teacher Scholar at Woodlake Elementary in Mandeville, "I will have the opportunity to get my master's degree and my reading specialist," Susan said. "I'm chomping at the bit to get the classroom. I'm looking forward to using all of the ideas and expertise that Southeastern has given me."


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