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Student disc jockey Rachelle Bowman, a mass communication major from Metairie, and Todd Delaney, director of Southeastern's KSLU radio station, collaborate on a project in the station's production booth. KSLU was named 2006 Medium Market Radio Station of the Year by the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters.


Rachelle Bowman, Communication major, Mass Communication and Journalism concentration

Todd Delaney, Director, KSLU 



Every day Rachelle Bowman pops into the production booth at Southeastern’s KSLU radio station, slips on her headphones, and gets ready for work.

It’s work the Metairie senior loves, being an on-air personality and preparing for what she hopes will be a career in music promotion.

Rochelle Bowman, Communication major

“I grew up with the radio always on,” she said. “I have absolutely no talent in music,” she laughs, “but I love it and want to do something with it professionally.”

Bowman, a mass communication major at Southeastern, had taken radio production courses, which provided her with a solid, basic preparation.


“The courses gave me confidence and allowed me to get used to hearing my own voice. That’s something you have to adjust to,” she said. “But this job,” she pauses, “is my favorite job, ever!”


Before going on-air, Bowman underwent a week of training under the direction of Todd Delaney,general manager of KSLU, the north shore’s only public radio station. This included studying the station’s manual and actually taking a test to demonstrate she understood station policies and procedures.


“Todd was just great; he got me started and gave me tips on how to run a show.”

Delaney oversees the work of up to 10 students who come to the award-winning radio station with varying degrees of preparation. Most come from the mass communication curriculum and have had some exposure to the medium. Others may have to undergo a two-week crash course under Delaney’s supervision.


He’s high on Bowman’s approach to her new job. “Rachelle just started, but she is enthusiastic, loves her work, and comes across on air with lots of energy,” he said. “The listeners love her.” 


KSLU 90.9 FM this past year added to its arsenal of awards when the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters named it the 2006 Radio Station of the Year for medium markets. The station was recognized for its many public service activities and for its work during and after Hurricane Katrina when it stayed on the air around the clock reporting the latest news and information.


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