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Aron Walker III of New Orleans, a management major concentrating in human resource management and Southeastern's SGA President, attends his first Board meeting as the student member on the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors. As student member, Aron serves as a full member of the Board, which includes voting privileges.


Aron Walker III, Management major, Human Resource Management concentration



Aron Walker III is a busy man in his senior year at Southeastern.


Not only has he taken over the leadership of Southeastern’s Student Government Association as president, but he has also been elected by his colleagues from seven other campuses to represent students as a voting member of the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors.


Aron Walker III

Southeastern's Student Government Association President, Aron Walker III with his new nameplate in theUniversity of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors meeting room. Aronrepresents University of Louisiana Systemstudents as a voting member on the Board.


“I’m truly enjoying myself. This is a great opportunity to view higher education from a completely different perspective,” he said, following his first board meeting in Baton Rouge. “You gain an appreciation of the needs and uniqueness of each campus, and you see the value that each institution brings to the system.”


The University of Louisiana System is the governing body for Louisiana’s eight regional universities, including Southeastern. The largest higher education system in the state, University of Louisiana System institutions enroll more than 85,000 students. Walker has visited most of these campuses and believes this has given him insight into the culture of each institution.


In his position, Walker works closely with Dr. Sally Clausen, former Southeastern president and current president of the system. “She has a strong student focus and is always interested in how decisions impact the students themselves,” he said.


In addition to his positions as University of Louisiana System board member and Southeastern's SGA president, Walkersits on the executive board of the Council of Student Body Presidents.


This Council includes representatives from all four higher education systems in Louisiana. “That gives you a really wide perspective, because you learn what is happening at institutions and in the various systems throughout the state,” he said. He completes the feedback loop with his fellow SGA presidents by sharing information on new programs and initiatives taking place at the various campuses across the state.


The New Orleans native and graduate of St. Augustine High School is a management major concentrating in human resource management. He is an active member of his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, and coordinator of Project P.U.L.L. (“Promoting Unity through Leadership and Learning”), a Southeastern initiative that promotes student success through mentoring, leadership development, and service.

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