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Southeastern hosts 25th annual Foreign Language Festival

Contact: Christina Chapple


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(1) St. Tammany Foreign Language Festival winners (2) Jefferson Foreign Language Festival winners (3) Livingston Foreign Language Festival winners

(4) Orleans Foreign Language Festival winners (5) Tangipahoa Foreign Language Festival winners (6) Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts Foreign Language Festival winners

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(1) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FESTIVAL WINNERS (ST. TAMMANY) -- Students from St. Tammany Parish schools who took first place in the 25th annual Southeastern Louisiana University Foreign Language Festival on March 27 are, from left, front, John Paul Tortorich, Cristina Perez de la Mesa, Brittany Ethridge; back, Zachary Jarrett, Bryan Rozycki, Cody Welliver, Brennan Lowery, Harmony Assaredo.


(2) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FESTIVAL WINNERS (JEFFERSON) -- Students from Jefferson Parish who took first place in the 24th annual Southeastern Louisiana University Foreign Language Festival on March 27 are, from left, front, Ngoc Huynh, Litany Boudreaux, Alexis Pillittere, Jamie Kokemor; middle, Kevin Gervais, Brittany Shorty, Rachel Wetzel, Madeleine Broussard, Caitlin McGinnis, Erica Hampton; back, Nathalie Jeudy, Christian Tran, Melanie Colletti, Katelyn Taylor, Ramon Sabonge.


(3) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FESTIVAL WINNERS (LIVINGSTON) -- Students from Livingston Parish who took first place in the 25th annual Southeastern Louisiana University Foreign Language Festival on March 27 are, from left, Shelby Ilgenfritz, French Prose 1; Kyle Barber, Spanish Poetry 1; and Brittany Stafford, Spanish Music.


(4) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FESTIVAL WINNERS (ORLEANS) -- Students from Orleans Parish who took first place in the 25th annual Southeastern Louisiana University Foreign Language Festival on March 27 are, from left, front, Caitlin Switzer, Kacie Bailey, Kate Bartels, Meagan Taylor, Celia Morell, Lydia Lopez; middle, Catherine Rodriguez, Lauren Rhodes, Sarah Ault, Rosalie Geeck, Kristin O’Flarity, Melissa Schmidt; back, Sarah Lisotta, Brittany Smith, Laura Gedick, Merritt Simon, Nia Scaffidi, Sarah Lillis, Rebecca Areaux, Phong Lam.


(5) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FESTIVAL WINNERS (TANGIPAHOA) – Hammond High School student Carol Gandara was among the students who took first place in the 25th annual Southeastern Louisiana University Foreign Language Festival on March 27. She took first place in the Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking-Native Speaker category.


(6) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FESTIVAL WINNERS (LOUISIANA SCHOOL) -- Students from the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts who took first place in the 24th annual Southeastern Louisiana University Foreign Language Festival on March 27 are, from left, Stephen Mafett, Pineville; Bryan Dupree, Plaquemine; and Katriel Mendy, New Orleans.

     HAMMOND – Mount Carmel Academy and the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts took top honors at the 25th annual Foreign Language Festival at Southeastern Louisiana University March 27.

     The festival, held Tuesday, March 27, at the University Center, drew 19 schools from surrounding parishes to participate in Spanish and French poetry, prose, and extemporaneous speaking categories and as groups in music and plays.

     Mount Carmel was best school in both the Spanish and French categories and was the overall winner in Tier 1, the division for magnet schools and schools with more than 600 students. The Louisiana School garnered the highest award for Tier 2, schools with less than 600 students.

     Participating schools also included Archbishop Chappell High School, Springfield High School, Live Oak High School, Brother Martin High School, North Desoto High School, Hammond High School, Northlake Christian School, Archbishop Shaw High School, John Egret High School, Ponchatoula High School, Immaculate High School, Archbishop Rummel High School, the St. Paul School, Walker High School, St. Scholastica Academy, De La Salle High School, and East Ascension High School.

     In the Spanish music category, winners were Walker High School, first; Archbishop Chapelle High School, second; St. Paul’s, third. The Spanish play winners were Mount Carmel Academy, first; St. Scholastica Academy, second; Archbishop Chapelle High School, third.

     In French music, Ponchatoula High School took first place; the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts, second, and Mount Carmel Academy, third. John Ehret High School placed first in French play or drama; St. Scholastica Academy, second; and Mount Carmel Academy, third. 

     Individual winners, listed by school, were:

     Archbishop Chapelle High School – Jamie Koemor, Spanish Prose 1, first; Litany Boudreaux, Spanish Prose 4, first; Alexis Pillittere, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 1, first; Caitlin McGinnis, French Prose 2, first; Amber Stalcup, French Poetry 1, first; Madeleine Broussard, French Extemporaneous Speaking 1, first; Stacy Thomas, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 3, second; Aubry Brayard, French Prose 1, second; Linda Auduong, French Poetry 2, second; Cathay Juarez, Spanish Prose-Native Speaker, third; Brooke Larsen, Spanish Poetry 1, third; Courtney Espenan, French Poetry 4, third; Celeste Gutierrez, French Extemporaneous Speaking2, third; Daniela Anzola, French Extemporaneous Speaking 4, third

     Brother Martin High School – Eric Lam, French Prose 3, first; Ryan Wisler, Spanish Poetry 4, second; Andre Lebeau, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 1, third; AJ Eiserloh, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 4, third; Ryan Judd, French Poetry 3, third;

     De La Salle High School – Jai Alguotob, French Extemporaneous Speaking 3, third.

     Hammond High School – Carol Gandara, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking-Native Speaker, first;

     Immaculata High School – Elizabeth Martinez, Spanish Prose-Native Speaker, first; Stephanie Alvarado, Spanish Poetry-Native Speaker, third

     John Ehret High School – Ramon Sabonge, Spanish Poetry-Native Speaker, first; Jacqueline Sabonge, Spanish Prose-Native Speaker, second; Marlene Dao, French Prose 2, second; Ashley Westmoreland, French Extemporaneous Speaking 1, second; Kim Hoang, French Prose 3, second; Sharlyn Claxton, French Poetry 1, third; Jennifer Roque, French Poetry 2, third;

     Live Oak High School – Kyle Barber, Spanish Poetry 1, first; Shelby Ilgenfritz, French Prose 1, first; Kristen Brent, French Poetry 3, second; Rebecca Ashford, French Poetry 4, second; Julie Martin, French Prose 4, third.

     Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts – Stephen Mafett, French Poetry 2, first; Bryan Dupree, French Poetry 3, first; Katriel Mendy, French Extemporaneous Speaking 4, first; Estefania Fiallos, French Prose 4, second; Kevin Broussard, French Extemporaneous Speaking3, second; Caitie Davies, French Prose 2, third;

     Mount Carmel Academy – Celia Morell, French Prose 4, first; Laura Gedick, French Poetry 4, first; Rebecca Areaux, French Extemporaneous Speaking 2, first; Aryelle Stafford, Spanish Prose, second; Casie James, Spanish Prose 3, second; Lydia Lopez, Spanish Poetry 2, second; Caitlyn Blanchard, Spanish Poetry 3, second; Victoria Bourgeois, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 1, second; Shenny Molina, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 2, second; Caitlin Switzer, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 4, second; Alyssa Kelly, French Poetry 1, second; Malory Weir, French Extemporaneous Speaking 4, second; Julia Barré, Spanish Prose 1, third; Merritt Simon, Spanish Poetry 4, third; Jeanne Capella, French Prose 3, third; Catherine Crumb, French Extemporaneous Speaking 1, third.

     North De Soto High School – Leonardo Salinas, Spanish Poetry-Native Speaker, second

     Northlake Christian School – Brittany Ethridge, Spanish Poetry 2, first; Harmony Assaredo, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking2, first; Joanna McGowden, Spanish Prose 1, second; Meghan Bombay, Spanish Poetry 1, second; Katerina Theodossiou, Spanish Prose 2, third;

     Ponchatoula High School – Kevin Louth, French Prose 1, third;

     The St. Paul School – Bryan Rozycki, Spanish Prose 3, first; Cody Welliver, Spanish Poetry 3, first; Zachary Jarrett, Spanish Poetry 4, first; John Paul Tortorich, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 4, first; Brennan Lowery, French Extemporaneous Speaking 3, first; Thomas Lorando, Spanish Prose 2, second; Sam Collett, Spanish Prose 4, second; Juan Diego Amaya, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking-Native Speaker, second; Chris Barr, French Extemporaneous Speaking 2, second; Eric Wendel, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 3, third;

     St. Scholastica Academy – Cristina Perez de la Mesa, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 3, first; Rachel Roberts, Spanish Prose 3, third; Meghan Spell, Spanish Prose 4, third; Jessica Neal, Spanish Poetry 2, third; Rachel Alley, Spanish Poetry 3, third; Chelsea Gandolfi, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 2, third; Blanca Canales, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking-Native Speaker, third.  

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