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Southeastern dance presents 'Dance on Camera' April 28 and 29

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Flying Lessons

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DANCE FOR THE CAMERA -- “Flying Lesson,” winner of the 2008 Jury Prize, is one of seven international dance shorts that will be featured in “Dance on Camera” at Southeastern Louisiana University’s Student Union Theater April 28 and 29.

     HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University dance professor Martie Fellom will present “Dance on Camera,” a compilation of seven “Dance for the Camera” shorts, April 28 and 29 at the Student Union Theatre. 

     The free program will feature dance-related films by artists from Australia, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The program will be presented at 1 p.m. on April 28 and 12:30 p.m. on April 29.           

     “Film is an exciting new medium for choreography because normally choreography is presented live,” said Fellom. “In this new medium, the majority of the work only exists to be screened. Artists can manipulate images with slow motion and other effects.”

     Fellom said Southeastern dance students will soon have the opportunity to produce works for the digital video environment through a new course, Dance 404, choreography for the camera.

     The seven short films to be showcased in “Dance on Camera” are:

     ▪  “La Vie est Belle” by French choreographer Tristan Duhamel. The three-minute piece features a character of street-art painted by Jerome Mesnager and animated by Duhamel, dancing and running on the walls of Paris.

     ▪ “Fragmentation” a five-minute piece by Suzon Fuks of Australia. The short features two men absorbed in their morning paper and their personal space, who manage to find a disjointed connection with one another.

     ▪ “Horizon of Exile,” a presentation by Isabel Rocamora of the United Kingdom. The 22-minute piece features a journey of two women across timeless desert landscapes punctuated by voice testimonies of Iraqi exiles. The film is set to a soundtrack by Jivan Gasparyan with the hypnotic voice of Surma Hamid, an Iraqi exile now living in London.

     ▪ “Cargo,” a film by Kelly Hargraves of the United States. The four-minute piece is one man’s pit stop on the road of life, when he pauses to rest and contemplate whether to continue his journey. Sometimes dark, sometimes funny and always sexy, performer Joe Jurd fills the interior of a 1969 Buick Skylark with his physical and emotional self. 

     ▪ “Descent” by Noemie Lafrance of the United States. The Canadian born dancer made a sensation with her five-minute site-specific installation of 12 women positioned on each floor of a 12-story stairwell in the New York City courthouse, “The Clocktower.”

     ▪ “Plant” by Olive Bieringa of the United States. A visceral, painterly and sometimes humorous hallucination amidst the ruins of an abandoned bomb factory in Minnesota, the 10-minute piece is produced by the Body Cartography Project. The music consists of a bullet rolling across broken cement, three men engaging in acts of quiet violence, and noisy interaction.

     ▪ “Flying Lesson” by Phil Harder, Rosanne Chamecki, and Andrea Lerner of the United States. Winner of the 2008 Jury Prize, “Flying Lesson” is a sweet sail one foot above Brooklyn, accomplished by Chamecki and Lerner who are old friends from their native Brazil.  The piece is approximately four minutes.

     For additional information, contact Fellom at 985-549-2133.

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