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Mount Carmel, Brother Martin win annual Southeastern Foreign Language Festival

Contact: Christina Chapple


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(1) St. Tammany Foreign Language Festival winners (2) Livingston Foreign Language Festival winners 


(3) Jefferson Foreign Language Festival winners (4) Orleans Foreign Language Festival winners (5) Brother Martin Foreign Language Festival winners

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(1) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FESTIVAL WINNERS (ST. TAMMANY) -- Students from St. Tammany Parish schools who took first place in the 26th annual Southeastern Louisiana University Foreign Language Festival on April 14 are, from left, front, St. Scholastica Academy Spanish play category winners Rachel Roberts, Katie Schembre, Rachel Alley, Morgan Colburn, Meghan Price, Abby Delahoussaye; second row, Janae Hogg, Northlake Christian School; St. Scholastica Spanish play category winners Care Bach, Kate Horlan, and Amberleigh Carter; St. Scholastica French play category winner Annie Terral; Seth Hagan and Carlos Espindola, St. Paul School; third row, St. Scholastica Academy Spanish play category winners Alexandra Arceneaux, Erin Culver, and Michelle Senner; Bryan Razycki, Rafe Whalen, and Cody Welliver, St. Paul School.


(2) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FESTIVAL WINNERS (LIVINGSTON) -- Students from Livingston Parish’s Live Oak High School who took first place in the 26th annual Southeastern Louisiana University Foreign Language Festival on April 14 are, from left, Christina Jackson, French Prose 1; Chelsea Rickett, French Prose 3; French music category winners Erin Fennell, Stephanie Owen and Mickie Hagan.


(3) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FESTIVAL WINNERS (JEFFERSON) -- Students from Jefferson Parish schools who took first place in the 26th annual Southeastern Louisiana University Foreign Language Festival on April 14 are, from left, Madison Boudreaux, Cathy Juarez, Linda Auduong, Daniella Call, Madeleine Broussard, Lindsey Boyer, all of Archbishop Chapelle High School; Ngoc Huynh, Brianna Crabtree, John Ehret High School.


(4) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FESTIVAL WINNERS (ORLEANS) -- Students from Orleans Parish’s Mt. Carmel Academy who took first place in the 26th annual Southeastern Louisiana University Foreign Language Festival on April 14 are, from left, front, Alyssa Kelly, Michelle Sentilles, Victoria Bourgeois, Maddie Gonzalez; back, Erica Kelly, Lydia Lopez, Aryelle Stafford, Jessica Taylor, music category winners Sarah Ault and Kelsey McCloskey.


(5) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FESTIVAL WINNERS – Brother Martin High School School took top honors at the 26th annual Foreign Language Festival at Southeastern Louisiana University April 15, garnering the festival’s highest award for schools with less than 600 students. From left are Spanish teacher Martha Rais, Travis Williams, Roberto Marin, David Cardencz, Alex Cassara, Everett Callihan, Gillis Klotz, and Foreign Language Festival Director Luz Escobar of the Southeastern Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

     HAMMOND Mount Carmel Academy and Brother Martin High School took top honors at the 26th annual Foreign Language Festival at Southeastern Louisiana University April 15.

     Held at the University Center and sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, the festival drew 18 schools from surrounding parishes to participate in Spanish and French poetry, prose, and extemporaneous speaking categories and as groups in music and plays.

     Mount Carmel was best school in Spanish categories and was the overall winner in Tier 1, the division for magnet schools and schools with more than 600 students. Brother Martin garnered the highest award for Tier 2, schools with less than 600 students. Archbishop Chapelle High School was the best school in French categories.

     In the Spanish music category, winners were Mount Carmel Academy, first; St. Helena Central High School, second; Northlake Christian School, third. The Spanish play winners were St. Scholastica Academy, first; Mount Carmel Academy, second; Northlake Christian School, third.

     In French music, Live Oak High School took first place, St. Scholastica Academy, second, and Ponchatoula High School, third. St. Scholastica Academy placed first in French play or drama; John Ehret High School, second; and Brother Martin High School, third. 

     Individual winners, listed by school, were:


     Hammond High School – Rose DePaula, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 1, third.

     Ponchatoula High School – Kevin Louth, French Prose 2, first.


     Live Oak High School – Christina Jackson, French Prose 1, first; Chelsea Rickett, French Prose 3, first; Doug Perry, French Prose 4, second; Jessica Cole, French Poetry 1, second; Julie Martin, French Poetry 2, third; Rebecca Ashford, French Poetry 4, third.


     Northlake Christian School – Janae Hogg, Spanish Poetry 2, first; Abby Hooper, Spanish Prose 1, second; Forrest Duplantier, Spanish Poetry 1, second; Emily Bounds, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 1, second.

     St. Paul School – Bryan Rozycki, Spanish Prose 4, first; Seth Hagan, Spanish Poetry 1, first; Ralph Whalen, Spanish Poetry 3, first; Cody Welliver, Spanish Poetry 4, first; Carlos Espindola, Spanish Poetry-Native Speaker, first; Colin Babcock, Spanish Prose 3, second; Christopher Watkins, Spanish Prose- Native Speaker, second; Alejandro Luna, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking-Native Speaker, second; Alejandro Otero, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 3, third; Scott Mayer, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 4, third.

     St. Scholastica Academy – Shelbi Hemelt, Spanish Poetry 2, third; Lauren McDaniel, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 2, third.


     Mount Carmel Academy – Madelyn Gonzalez, Spanish Prose 2, first; Lydia Lopez, Spanish Prose 3, first; Michelle Sentillas, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 1, first; Victoria Bourgeois, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 2, first; Aryelle Stafford, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 3, first; Jessica Taylor, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 4, first; Alysse Kelly, French Poetry 2, first; Erica Kelly, French Extemporaneous Speaking 4, first; Casie James, Spanish Prose 4, second; Michelle Perez, Spanish Poetry 2, second; Abbey Kerner, French Prose 1, second; Emily Kranz, French Poetry 3, second; Erin Classen, French Poetry 4, second; Caroline Gaspard, French Extemporaneous Speaking 1, second; Heather Underwood, Spanish Prose 1, third; Ashley Ledet, Spanish Poetry 3, third; Julie Leveque, Spanish Poetry 4, third; Margot Albares, French Prose 2, third; Mary Kathryn Carpanzano, French Prose 3, third; Jeanne Capella, French Prose 4, third.

     Brother Martin High School – Ande LeBeau, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 2, second; Blake Bazile, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 4, second; David Cardenez, Spanish Prose-Native Speaker, third; Roberto Marin, Spanish Poetry-Native Speaker, third; Manuel Flores, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking-Native Speaker, third; Francis Aguillard, French Poetry 3, third; Bryce Cason, French Extemporaneous Speaking 1, third.

     Ursuline Academy Sabrina Hijuelos, French Poetry-Native Speaker, first; Teresa Ann Krasnow, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 3, second; Mary Grace Bernard, French Extemporaneous Speaking 3, third.


     Academy of Our Lady – Krystal Knecht, Spanish Prose 2, second; Francisca Harold, Spanish Poetry 1, third.

     Archbishop Chappelle High School – Madison Boudreaux, Spanish Prose 1, first; Daniella Call, Spanish Prose-Native Speaker, first; Cathy Juarez, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking-Native Speaker, first; Linda Auduong, French Poetry 3, first; Lindsey Boyer, French Extemporaneous Speaking 1, first; Madeleine Broussard, French Extemporaneous Speaking 2, first; Rebecca Milazzo, Spanish Poetry 3, second; Hannah Hess, Spanish Poetry 4, second; Ashley Izahola, Spanish Poetry-Native Speaker, second; Angela Altamirano, French Prose 2, second; Aubry Brayard, French Poetry 2, second; Caitlin McGinnis, French Extemporaneous Speaking 3, second; Taylor Gorman, Spanish Prose 2, third; Danielle Wetzel, Spanish Prose 3, third; Hayley Eckert, Spanish Prose 4, third; Blanca Canales, French Prose 1, third; Isabelle Canales, French Poetry 1, third; Whitney Steele, French Extemporaneous Speaking 4, third.

     John Ehret High School – Ngoc Huynh, French Prose 4, first; Briana Crabtree, French Poetry 1, first; Monica Lara, French Prose 2, second; Kim Hoang, French Extemporaneous Speaking 4, second; Ashley Westmoreland, French Extemporaneous Speaking 2, third.

Natchitoches Parish

     Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts – Kelsey Hundley, French Poetry 4, first; Caitie Davis, French Extemporaneous Speaking 3, first; Melissa Utorno, French Extemporaneous Speaking 2, second.

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