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Student satisfaction with Southeastern ranked high in ACT opinion survey

Contact: Rene Abadie


     HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University students’ general level of satisfaction was rated high in a recent opinion survey of universities and their services and programs.

     In the annual American College Testing (ACT) Student Opinion Survey, the university received a mean rating of 4.05 on a 5-point scale by its students when asked to evaluate “this college in general.” The score exceeds the national average of 3.92 and a University of Louisiana System average of 3.90. Southeastern tied with Louisiana Tech for the highest score among the eight institutions in the system.

     In that category, students were asked questions designed to evaluate the institution on opportunities for personal involvement in campus activities, campus media such as the student newspaper and radio station, student government, racial harmony, attitude of non-teaching staff toward students, and the institution’s general “concern for you as an individual.”

     “The ACT Student Opinion Survey is an important element in our ongoing evaluation of services and programs,” said Interim President John L. Crain. “Students can be quite objective in confidential surveys, so we put considerable weight on their comments and suggestions. The survey allows us to see from a student’s perspective what is working and what might need improvement.”

     Academic advising services and availability of an advisor were at or above both the national and system means for satisfaction. Other academic areas that exceeded both averages included attitude of the faculty toward students, instruction in your major field, out-of-class availability of instructors, and variety of courses offered.

     “We consider the academic area of special importance, and we’ve placed a lot of emphasis and resources on enhancing the academic experience,” Crain said. “In recent years, we’ve increased the number of faculty so that students can more readily access the courses they need. We’ve also increased the number of advisors on our staff available to assist students. We’ve opened our Center for Student Excellence that provides additional services for students, especially freshmen who need guidance in that first year of college. And we’ve made some academic changes -- such as restructuring college algebra and other courses that sometimes present stumbling blocks for some students -- to provide more intensive course work and to employ technology designed to assist in the learning process. We’re pleased that our students recognize these efforts and believe that they are paying off in the classroom.”

     In all, 48 of the 65 areas surveyed showed steady and increased satisfaction among Southeastern students since 2002. The five areas with the largest increases in satisfaction included job placement and career services, parking, food service, residence hall services and programs, and residence hall rules and regulation.  Other areas that rated highly were library facilities and services, recreational and intramural programs and services, veterans services, and college mass transit services.

     Crain noted that over the last several years, Southeastern replaced its old dormitories with new residence halls, implemented academic standards as a requirement to stay in residence halls, opened a new four-level parking structure for students, and began operating the popular Lion Traxx shuttle, a bus system to transport students around the campus.           

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