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Southeastern awards first 'Progression Scholarships'

Contact: Christina Chapple


     HAMMOND – Almost 850 Southeastern Louisiana University students have qualified for the university’s unique “progression” scholarship that rewards them for making steady progress toward graduating in four years.

     Southeastern is the only university in Louisiana offering such a scholarship incentive. Established last year, the scholarship is being awarded for the first time to 844 students, 30 percent of the 2007 freshman class, who completed 25 percent of their degree (at least 30 hours, not counting developmental courses) and earned a 2.0 or better grade point average.

     For their upcoming sophomore year, 2008-09, the first Progression Scholarship recipients will receive an award equivalent to a 10 percent break on their tuition and feesas much as $169 per semester for those enrolled full time.

     “Any of these students who continue on this path during the coming year and complete half of their degree program by summer 2009 will, as juniors, receive a scholarship award valued at 30 percent of their tuition and fees,” said Stephen Soutullo, assistant vice president for enrollment management. “If they complete 75 percent of their coursework by summer 2010, their award will literally cut their tuition and fees in half for their senior year.”

     "The Progression Scholarship is intended to motivate students to stay on track to graduate," said Interim President John L. Crain. "We constantly emphasize to students the importance of enrolling in the right classes, successfully completing those classes and moving toward completion of degrees in a four-year time frame. We could not be more pleased that so many students are making such impressive progress toward earning their degrees."

     Another advantage of the Progression Scholarship, Soutullo said, is that students do not need to apply for it. Their academic progress is tracked by the university’s degree progress reporting system, and those who qualify to receive the financial award are notified and their university accounts are automatically credited. 

     “I really appreciate the Progression Scholarship,” said Darielle Avant, a kinesiology major from Independence. “With the prices of everything increasing, a discount on my tuition is a great help. I am sure that all the other students who meet the requirements for the scholarship appreciate it as much as I do. Those who did not receive it should work hard to meet the requirements because the scholarship is worth it.”

     The scholarship, said biological sciences major Christopher Boeckman of Hammond, “shows what I have accomplished and will help to support my college education. I am very grateful for having been awarded the Progression Scholarship.”

     Sommer Ferrill, a communication major from Hammond, agreed. “The Progression Scholarship lets me know that I am striving and working hard to do my best,” she said.

     “Most of the freshmen who earned the Progression Scholarship are also enrolled full-time this fall as sophomores, so they already have their sites set on earning the higher award next year,” Soutullo said. “And students who might have fallen short of the 30 hours this year can still qualify for next year’s award by taking a slightly heavier load this year and completing 60 hours -- or 50 percent -- of their degree before fall 2009.”

     Southeastern has estimated that Progression Scholarship recipients could receive as much as $2,880 by graduation.

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