News Release

Students advised to avoid I-12 Hwy. 51 exit

Contact: Christina Chapple


     HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University students who take I-12 to get to the university’s main campus in Hammond are being advised to avoid the exit at U.S. Hwy. 51 (Exit 40 near the Hammond mall).

     Southeastern’s spring semester begins Tuesday, Jan. 22.

     Work has begun on the westbound Exit 40 ramp and the exit will be closed at the end of January.

     “Up to Jan. 30, vehicles will be allowed to turn north on U.S. 51,” said Mike Prescott, director of the University Police Department. “On or about Jan. 30 until August, westbound Exit 40 will be closed completely to vehicular traffic.  Eastbound Exit 40 will remain open.”

     “We are suggesting that students use an alternate route to try and avoid this location,” Prescott said.

     He said students coming from the east on I-12 can take the Airport Road exit (between Robert and Exit 40). From there, they can turn left at the intersection with Old Covington Highway and follow the highway until it meets Hwy. 51 or continue on Airport Road, turning left onto U.S. Hwy.190. Both Hwy. 51 and Hwy. 190 will take them to downtown Hammond and to Southeastern.

     Students can also choose to stay on I-12 until they reach the I-55 Jackson exit, then take the Wardline/University Ave. (Exit 32) to reach campus. Prescott said this route would also be best for students traveling to Southeastern on I-12 from the west.

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