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Southeastern to coordinate incumbent worker training for three area employees

Contact: Rene Abadie


     HAMMOND – The Southeastern Louisiana University Division of Continuing Education and Special Activities will coordinate the training of more than 500 area employees through three grants provided by Louisiana’s Incumbent Worker Training Program

     The grants total more than $335,000 and will be used to provide a wide range of training for employees at the Neill Corporation of Hammond, La Carreta and Adobe restaurants of Hammond, and Quality Care Dialysis locations in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Hammond, according to Veda Abene, executive assistant in the Division of Continuing Education and Special Activities.

     “There programs will enable these area employers to upgrade the quality and work performance of their employees, while contributing to the overall improvement of the workforce in the region,” Abene said.

     The Incumbent Worker Training Program is a partnership between the Louisiana Department of Labor, business and industry to assist in the skill development of employees and to increase productivity and company growth. To participate in the program, a business must have operated in Louisiana and contributed to the state’s Unemployment Insurance System for at least three years.

     Over the last several years, Southeastern has received more than $3.5 million in incumbent worker training grants, providing training for more than 1,700 area employees, Abene said.

     The training program for the Neill Corporation is the second for the company. With a grant of $190,712, training will be provided for 346 employees by various vendors in the areas of business development, system creation and implementation, communication, marketing and salesmanship for salons and spas. Other employees will participate in programs in customer service, leadership and technology.

     The grant to La Carreta and Adobe restaurants amounts to $39,913 and will provide training to 19 employees in areas such as English as a second language, management and managerial finance, team building, food safety practices and intercultural business communication.

     In a cooperative arrangement with the University of Louisiana at Monroe, the training for employees at the three Quality Care Dialysis centers includes programs such as introduction to computers and training in Word and Excel for up to 200 employees. Southeastern’s part of the grant totals $105,000.

     Additional information on the Incumbent Worker Training Program can be obtained from the Louisiana Department of Labor at 225-342-7643 or online at The Southeastern Division of Continuing Education and Special Activities can also provide information at 985-549-2301.

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