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Southeastern requests $5.5 million to fund critical deferred maintenance projects

Contact: Rene Abadie


            HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University has submitted a list of 13 critically needed deferred maintenance projects to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration. The project calls for $5.5 million as part of a $75 million House bill to fund major repairs for higher education facilities.

            “These are the most critical items on a rather lengthy list of facility needs,” said Southeastern President Randy Moffett.

            Most of the building projects involve heating and cooling systems, a number of which are original to buildings built over 40 years ago.

            “The equipment at this point is neither reliable nor energy efficient and is well overdue for replacement,” he added.

            Southeastern viewed deferred maintenance projects systematically as related to various buildings. This approach allows the university to address buildings in greatest need of repair.

            Other projects address needs such as replacement of gas lines, fire alarm systems and roofs on university buildings.

            The 13 projects Southeastern has submitted for funding include:

            ▪ North Campus Financial Aid Building: HVAC central system, cooling tower, pumps and controls - $725,000

            ▪ University Center: HVAC, chiller, air handling units, controls, boiler insulation -- $1.8 million

            ▪ University Center: roof replacement -- $350,000

            ▪ White Hall: HVAC, air handlers and distribution center -- $200,000

            ▪ Cate Teacher Education Center: HVAC controls repair and upgrade -- $175,000

            ▪ West Stadium offices: waterproofing -- $300,000

            ▪ Infrastructure upgrades, including replacement gas lines, fire hydrants and fiber optic loop for fire alarm reporting system -- $192,000

            ▪ McClimans Hall: fire alarm system upgrade -- $65,000

            ▪ D Vickers Hall: fire alarm system upgrade -- $100,000

            ▪ Clark Hall: fire alarm system upgrade -- $60,000

            ▪ Dyson Hall: HVAC chiller, controls and pumps -- $350,000

            ▪ Nursing Center, Baton Rouge: HVAC condensing units and electrical switch board -- $535,000

            ▪ Southeastern Hall and Mims Hall: HVAC, including replacement of aging window units with air handling units -- $700,000.

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