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Students voting March 17-20 on new Roomie costume

Contact: Christina Chapple


     HAMMOND – Roomie, Southeastern Louisiana University’s lion mascot, is getting a much-needed make over – and students have a say-so in his new look.

     Southeastern students will vote online from March 17-20 to choose between two designs for a new lion mascot costume. The designs were created by Southeastern digital design students and narrowed down to two choices by a special costume re-design committee made up students, faculty and staff.

     Roomie’s current costume is 10 years old. “It’s about time for Roomie to get an update,” said Southeastern’s Student Government Association President Chris Barcelona. “I’m excited about this because it is a project that students designed and students are voting on.”

     Students can place their votes for Roomie’s new look through a “Vote for Roomie” button link on Southeastern home page, Voting will be open from Monday, 7 a.m. to Thursday, 7 p.m.

     “The winning design will serve as the creative input for the professional mascot costuming company that wins the bid to produce our new Roomie,” said Erin Moore, President Randy Moffett’s executive assistant and a member of the committee.

She said plans call for Roomie to be re-outfitted in time for the kick-off of football season next August.

     As part of an assignment, students in visual arts professor Gary Keown’s Digital Print Design class were asked to design a lion costume that was both “strong and stately” and “fun and child-friendly.” With the need to keep comfort and mobility in mind in their designs, the students also received input from several former “Roomies,” whose identities are traditionally secret.

     “We asked the students to keep in mind that Roomie needs to be approachable, since children always want to play with him,” Moore said. “But we also want him to be imposing when he’s in the role of supporting Southeastern athletics.”

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