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Local children cast in Missoula's 'Robinson Crusoe'

Contact: Christina Chapple


     HAMMOND – Katy Jenkins, Sarah Starnes and Caleb Halloway have the lead role in “Robinson Crusoe,” the Missoula Children's Theatre's Fanfare production of the fairytale favorite.

     They are among 57 area children cast in the show, which will be performed Friday, Oct. 10, 7:30 p.m., and Saturday, Oct. 11, 2 p.m., at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts, Southeastern Louisiana University’s downtown Hammond theater.

     Tickets are $14, adults; $12.50, senior citizens, Southeastern faculty, staff and alumni; $10.50, non-Southeastern students; and $7, Southeastern students. Tickets are available at the Fanfare box office in the Columbia Theatre lobby, 220 E. Thomas St., 985-543-4371, and online at Special discounted tickets may not be available online.

     Purposely varying from the plot of Daniel Defoe’s novel, MCT’s “Robinson Crusoe” teaches the lesson that reading invites more than observation since, unlike television and movies that provide every detail, a book allows the reader the luxury and the joy of imagination. 

     Jenkins has the title role of Robinson Crusoe. The show begins on Robinson’s island years after he and his sole companion, a goat named Wilson (Halloway), are shipwrecked. The island has turned into a tourist destination centered around a lovable singing leopard (Starnes), a tribe of natives known for their colorful coifs, Friday’s Seaside Resort and, of course, the legend of Robinson Crusoe.

     In flashback, Crusoe’s story comes to life beginning with the shipwreck which marooned Wilson and him on the island. The entire population of the island, including a herd of goats, an all-animal band, Friday and his family and the inevitable hula-dancing chameleons, discover that differences need not stand in the way of friendships. All of the characters live happily and harmoniously ever after.

     Area children were cast by Missoula Children’s Theatre’s Lauren Paige Wilson and André Sponder at auditions on Monday and have been rehearsing all week for the Friday and Saturday performances. Assisting the Missoula team as directors are Rachel Sullivan, Anna Ramsey, Kira Hellmers, and Rebecca Wagner.

     Cast members are:

     Friday’s Family -- Aaron Davis, Saturday; Taylor Peters, Sunday; Zach Leach, Monday; Danielle Vidriene, Tuesday; Melissa Adcock, Wednesday; Byron Burrell, Thursday.

     Octet -- Matthew Sand, “Oscar the Octopus”; Erica Tricou, “Spunky the Monkey”; Christopher Hudspeth, “Wild Boar Willy”; Katlyn Rivet, “Marty”; Mary Frances Chauvin, “Myrtle the Turtles”; Samantha Messina, “Glinda the Gull”; Anna Leach, “Polly the Parrot”; and Kodi Golden, “Stella the Stork.”

     Goats -- Erik Hawkins, Regan Adcock, Dustin Forsburg, Connor Scott, and Alex Mascon.

     The “Very Hairy Frowny-Face Tribe” -- Adonica Nelson, Dalles Boudreaux, Miranda Bickford, Sarah Massey, Madison Sibley, Bethany Herrick, Rachael Knaps, Nancy Donnes, Emery Foster, Micheal Harrison, Trey Crouse, Griffin Klaus, and Camaryn Vallot.

     Chameleons -- Madison Greer, Christian Stucke, Alyssa Rhodes, Darah Haidet, Parker Costanza, Breysen Dettwiller, Jack Patrick Chauvin, Samantha Thompson, Ryan Rivet, Ginna Crouse, Destiny Carter, Maria Guay, Daris Price, Caitlyn Martinez, Jonathan Damitio, Maya Bachemin, Haley Poole, and Breyonce Luckey.

     For additional information, contact the Columbia Theatre at 985-543-4366 or visit

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