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Mt. Carmel, Ursuline win Southeastern Foreign Language Festival

Contact: Christina Chapple


     HAMMOND Mt. Carmel Academy and Ursuline Academy took top honors at the 27th annual Foreign Language Festival at Southeastern Louisiana University March 31.

     Held at the university’s War Memorial Student Union ballroom, the festival drew 15 schools from surrounding parishes to participate in Spanish and French poetry, prose, and extemporaneous speaking categories and as groups in music and plays.

     Mt. Carmel took top honors in Tier 1, the division for magnet schools and schools with more than 600 students, while Ursuline garnered the highest award for Tier 2, schools with less than 600 students.

     In the French music category, winners were Archbishop Chapelle High School, first; St. Scholastica Academy, second; Ponchatoula High School, third. In the French play category, St. Scholastica was first, Ursuline Academy, second; and John Ehret High School, third.

     Spanish music winners were Mt. Carmel Academy, first; Fontainebleau High School, second; and St. Paul’s School, third. In the Spanish play category, Mt. Carmel Academy was first; St. Scholastica Academy, second; and Northlake Christian School, third.

     Two Mt. Carmel Academy students received special festival awards. Rebecca Areaux received the Wallonie-Bruxelles International Scholarship, presented by the French community of Belgium, while Aryelle Stafford received a Mexican cruise for two from New Orleans, presented by the Southeastern Foreign Languages and Literatures Department.

     Individual winners, listed by school, were:


     Academy of Our Lady – Brenda Breve, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I, third.

     Archbishop Chapelle High School – Layan Chokr, French Extemporaneous Speaking I, first; Tamara Ammari, French Prose I, second; Angela Altamirano, Caitlin McGinnis, French Extemporaneous Speaking IV, second; Meghan Kelly, French Prose II, third; Aubry Brayard, French Prose III, third; Rebecca Dahl, French Poetry III, third; Linda Auduong, French Poetry IV, third; Blanca Canales, French Extemporaneous Speaking II, third; Angela Exnicios, Spanish Prose III, first; Adrianne Cashio, Spanish Poetry IV, first; Ashley Izahola, Spanish Poetry-Native Speaker, second; Lisbet Villacrest, Spanish Prose-Native Speaker, third; Kate Watson, Spanish Poetry I, third; Madie Boudreaux, Spanish Poetry II, third.

     John Ehret High School – Thuy Nguyen, French Prose I, first; Jordan Spinks, French Poetry I, first; Monica Lara, French Prose III, second; Katherine Nguyen, French Poetry III, second; Bryce Menge, French Poetry IV, second; Ve’era Davis, French Extemporaneous Speaking I, second; Fredy Chavez, French Extemporaneous Speaking II, second; Terry Dao, French Extemporaneous III, second.


     Live Oak High School – Meghan Bilski, French Poetry II, first.


     Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts – Tim Keele, French Prose IV, first; Catherine Olson, French Prose I, second; Anushka Daas, Spanish Poetry IV, third.


     De La Salle High School – Dwann Wagner, Spanish Prose IV, first; Andres Acosta, Spanish Poetry-Native Speaker, first; Jimmy Riles, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III, third.

     Mt. Carmel Academy – Abbey Kernenr, French Prose II, first; Margot Albares, French Prose III, first; Alyssa Kerly, French Poetry III, first; Emily Dranz, French Poetry IV, first; Quinci Lonzo, French Poetry II, second; Kirsten Sahuque, French Prose I, third; Mary Kathryn Crapanzano, French Prose IV, third; Katherine Ball, French Extemporaneous Speaking III, third; Rebecca Areaux, French Extemporaneous Speaking IV, third; Heather Underwood, Spanish Prose II, first; Victoria Bourgeois, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III, first; Aryelle Stafford, Spanish Extemporaneous IV, first; Madeline Gonzalez, Spanish Prose III, second; Marissa Liantonio, Spanish Prose IV, second; Rebecca Pazmino, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I, second; Michelle Sentilles, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II, second.

     Ursuline Academy – Nina Horne, French Extemporaneous Speaking III, first; Taylor Bewers, French Extemporaneous Speaking I, third; Gabrielle Lavelle, Spanish Prose-Native Speaker, second; Bianca Fernandez, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking-Native Speaker, second.


     Fontainebleau High School – Ashley Grillot, Spanish Prose II, third.

     Northlake Christian School – Forrest Duplantier, Spanish Poetry II, first; Breanna Katz, Spanish Prose I, second; Abby Hooper, Spanish Prose II, second; Alexis Reck, Spanish Poetry I, second.

     Northshore High School – Tatiana Carrasquilla, Spanish Prose-Native Speaker, first; Ashleigh Ladner, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV, third.

     St. Paul’s School – Juan Diego Amaya, French Extemporaneous Speaking IV, first; Nick Anzalone, Spanish Poetry I, first; Chris Ikner, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I, first; Evan Heitzmann, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II, first; Seth Hagan, Spanish Poetry II, second; Alexander Levy, Spanish Poetry IV, second; Ryan Martin, Spanish Prose I, third; Sean Sinner, Spanish Prose III, third; Colin Babcock, Spanish Prose IV, third; Nathan Grotte, Spanish Poetry III, third; Santiago Martinez, Spanish Poetry-Native Speaker, third; Andrew Riviere, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV, third.

     St. Scholastica Academy – Leah Baumgartner, French Poetry I, third; Melanie Mahlstedt, Spanish Prose I, first; Bristi Smith, Spanish Poetry III, second; Kaitlyn Martin, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II, third; Sarah Landry, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking-Native Speaker, third. 


     Ponchatoula High School – Yves Young, French Poetry I, second.


     Vandebilt High School – Jacob Peoples, Spanish Poetry III, first; Hermen Lambert, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking-Native Speaker, first; Meghan Trahan, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III, third.

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