News Release

Southeastern faces $15.6 million budget cut under proposed plan

Contact: Rene Abadie


     HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University could sustain a $15.6 million cut for next fiscal year, according to proposed budget reductions released today by the University of Louisiana System.

     The university’s original current year budget of $127.6 million was reduced mid-year by $3.4 million. Under the proposed state budget for next year, that reduction would carry over and an additional $12,208,833 would be cut. The reduction is based on a phase-in of the new performance-based funding formula being developed by the Louisiana Board of Regents.

     The $15.6 million reduction represents a 12 percent total reduction from the university’s current operating budget and a 20 percent reduction from its state appropriation.

     “As we have emphasized through this entire process, our focus will remain on executing our mission of educating students and maintaining the strength of our academic programs,” said President John L. Crain. “However, reductions of this level would definitely impair our ability to operate effectively and would impact virtually every facet of the institution.”




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