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(1)Social Studies Fair Grand Prize winners(2)Social Studies Fair Runners-up

Southeastern hosts annual Social Studies Fair

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(1) Social Studies Fair Grand Prize Winners – Grand Prize winners at the annual Region VIII Social Studies Fair, hosted March 17 by Southeastern Louisiana University, were, from left, front, Colleen Daley and April Gaydos, Holy Ghost School, Division II, Group; Cailin Sampey and Shelby Patti, Holy Ghost School, Division I, Group; back, Nicholas Escher and Josue Breaux, St. Paul’s School, Division III, Group; John Villarrubia, St. Paul’s School, Division III, Individual; Katherine Dugas, Mary Queen of Peace, Division I, Individual; Abby Gottschalk, Madisonville Jr. High, Division II, Individual.

(2) Social Studies Fair Runners-up – Grand Prize runners-up in the annual Region VIII Social Studies Fair at Southeastern Louisiana University, were, from left, Melissa Cantrell and Gabrielle Williams, Pearl River High School, Division III, Group; Charles Gambel IV, St. Paul’s School, Division III, Individual; Madison Casey and Dani Schillace, Holy Ghost School, Division II, Group; Ian Hebert, Tchefuncte Middle School, Division I, Individual; Burke Irwin, Cedarwood School, Division II, Individual.


   HAMMOND -- Winners of the annual Region VIII Social Studies Fair, hosted March 17 by Southeastern Louisiana University, have been announced.
   Grand prize winners for individual and group projects were chosen in three divisions: Division I (grades 4 6), Division II (grades 7 8), and Division III (grades 9 12). They will advance to the state Social Studies Fair at the Lake Charles Civic Center on  April 26.
   INDIVIDUAL -- Grand Prize: Katherine Dugas, Mary Queen of Peace, “Navajo Code Talkers;” Runner-up: Ian Hebert, Tchefuncte Middle School, “Attack on Pearl Harbor: Battleship Row.”
   GROUP: Grand Prize: Shelby Patti and Cailin Sampey, Holy Ghost School, “Injustice in Bloody Tangipahoa;” Runner-up: Reese Ingram, Genna Jordan and Lauren Lombas, Our Lady of the Lake, “Do You Believe.”
   INDIVIDUAL -- Grand Prize: Abby Gottschalk, Madisonville Junior High, “Teenage Pregnancy;” Runner-up: Burke Irwin, Cedarwood School, “Boom Boom Pow: The Yellowstone Super Volcano.”

   GROUP -- Grand Prize: April Gaydos and Colleen Daley, Holy Ghost School, “Behind Bars 4 a Crazy Charge;” Runner-up: Dani Schillace and Madison Casey, Holy Ghost School, “The Irish & Italian Immigration Experiences.”
   INDIVIDUAL -- Grand Prize: John Villarrubia, St. Paul’s School, “Our Mind’s Beat: Zap Z;” Runner-up: Charles Gambel IV, St. Paul’s School, “The Funnel.”
   GROUP – Grand Prize: Josue Breaux and Nick Escher, St. Paul’s School, “Katrina and Rita: Effects on Agriculture;” Runner-up: Melissa Cantrell and Gabrielle Williams, Pearl River High School, “Drunk Driving Kills.”
Additional Social Studies Fair winners, listed by school, were:
   FRENCH SETTLEMENT ELEMENTARY – Regan Newsom and Caitlyn Fontenot, fourth, Division I, history.
   GRAY’S CREEK ELEMENTARY – Alyssa Kinchen, second, Division I, sociology.
   SPRINGFIELD HIGH SCHOOL – Savannah Klier, first, Division III, political science; Hannah Harper, second, Division III, geography; Max Coats, second, Division III, history; Sarah Drago, third, Division III, history; Tyler Fontenot, third, Division III, political science; Chris Lilly, fourth, Division III, history.

   HAMMOND WESTSIDE UPPER ELEMENTARY – Tylon Kennedy, first, Division I, anthropology.
   HOLY GHOST SCHOOL – Chloe Chauvin and Morgan Busch, first, Division I, sociology; Carlie Vaccaro and Caroline Watts, first, Division II, economics; Justin Kain, first, Division II, economics; Lauren St. Romain, first, Division II, history; Emily Rusciano and Bailey Barringer, first, Division II, sociology; Andrew Jordan, second, Division II, economics; Madison Chauvin and Madison Tucker, second, Division II, history; Meredith Bechac and Mary-Danse Jarratt, second, Division II, sociology; Justin Jones, third, Division I, economics; Claire Traylor and Gabi Dufrene, third, Division I, history; Jordan Jarreau and Anna Lanier, third, Division II, sociology; Courtney Dawsey, fourth, Division I, anthropology; Jacob Orlando, fourth, Division II, anthropology.
   MATER DOLOROSA CATHOLIC SCHOOL – Jonah Faulk and Jonathan Faulk, second, Division II, anthropology.
   NESOM MIDDLE SCHOOL – Krista Scafidel and Zachary Mashon, fourth, Division II, history.
   SOUTHEASTERN LABORATORY SCHOOL – Samantha Messina, second, Division I, economics; Lucas Coleman and Harrison Swank, second, Division I, history; Madison Bentivegna and Lyndsey DeVaney, second, Division II, economics; Alexis Durante, fourth, Division II, economics; Arianna Hamilton, fourth, Division II, political science; Ryland Wells and Amal DeAlwis, fourth, Division II, sociology; Miranda Donakey, fourth, Division II, sociology.
   ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL – Ian Waller, third, Division I, history.

   CEDARWOOD SCHOOL – Jacob Schaefer and James Varney, first, Division II, anthropology; Hayden Loeb, second, Division I, sociology; Matthew Pilote and Michael Leishman, third, Division II, history; Bram Love, third, Division II, history; Jack Statton, fourth, Division I, economics.
   LAKE HARBOR MIDDLE SCHOOL – Gabrielle Thurber, first, Division I, economics; Joseph Cannizzaro, second, Division I, political science; Joshua Riddlebarger, third, Division I, geography; Alejandro Yanes, fourth, Division I, sociology.
   LEE ROAD JUNIOR HIGH – Amber Monlezun and Raina LaRocca, first, Division II, geography; Ty Loyd and Clayton Barker, second, Division II, geography; Allisyn Oalmann, second, Division II, history; Colt Grow, third, Division II, political science; Catelyn Michot, third, Division II, sociology.
   MADISONVILLE JUNIOR HIGH – Isabella Ogden, first, Division I, geography; Tristen Drury, first, Division II, anthropology; Landon Thompson, first, Division II, political science; Dawson Pittman, second, Division I, geography; Kortney Chiappetta, second, Division II, geography; Addy Falgoust, second, Division II, sociology; Amy Desselles, third, Division II, anthropology; Brierre Breaux, third, Division II, economics.
   MANDEVILLE JUNIOR HIGH – Florence Maillot, fourth, Division II, geography; Sophie Trist, fourth, Division II, history.
   MANDEVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL – Sarah English, second, Division I, history.
   MARY QUEEN OF PEACE – Kyle Shiell, third, Division I, political science; Jennifer Fiorella, fourth, Division I, geography.
   MONTELEONE JUNIOR HIGH – Riley Porte, second, Division II, anthropology; Stephanie P. Niemiec, second, Division II, political science; Hannah Choppin, third, Division II, geography.
   NORTHLAKE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL – Brennan Cooley, fourth, Division I, political science.
   OUR LADY OF THE LAKE SCHOOL – Ryan Fair and Patrick Stewart, first, Division I, economics; Luke Avenel and Burak Kandil, first, Division I, geography; Amando Foto and Alexis Gutierrez, second, Division I, geography; James Estopinal, fourth, Division I, history.
   ST. PAUL’S SCHOOL – Alexander Sibley, first, Division III, anthropology; Thomas Read, first, Division III, economics; Harrison M. Richard, first, Division III, history; Blake Tudela, second, Division III, anthropology; Elliott Thompson and Connor Rougelot, second, Division III, political science.
   ST. SCHOLASTICA ACADEMY – Shelby C. Bryan, second, Division III, political science.
   TCHEFUNCTE MIDDLE SCHOOL – Shalin Bhatt, first, Division I, sociology; Ryan Mader, second, Division I, anthropology; Ben Shallenberger, third, Division I, anthropology; Finn Bicknell, third, Division I, sociology.

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