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(1)President's Medal Winners(2)Maura Donahue addresses the 1,138 graduates at Southeastern Louisiana University's spring commencement ceremony.(3)Lisa Patti of Hammond waves excitedly to family and friends at Southeastern Louisiana University’s commencement ceremony Saturday.(4)Susannah Turk, a psychology major from Baton Rouge was among the 1,138 graduates receiving degrees at the University Center on Saturday.

(5)Chelsea Canezaro, a marketing major from Port Allen, gives a thumbs up to her accomplishment of earning her degree.(6)Marli Freas of Covington waves enthusiastically to family and friends during the processional at Southeastern Louisiana University's graduation ceremony Saturday.(7)Jovan Tassin, an accounting major from Vacherie, shares her excitement with family and friends in the audience at Southeastern Louisiana University's commencement ceremony Saturday.

Southeastern graduates more than 1,100

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(1) SOUTHEASTERN'S TOP GRADUATES -- Southeastern Louisiana University presented the President’s Medals for Academic Excellence to the students with the highest academic average in each of the university’s five colleges and Division of General Studies at spring commencement exercises Saturday at the University Center. From left, front, are Taylor Thompson of Baton Rouge, 4.0 gpa, College of Education and Human Development; Samantha Perez of Violet, 4.0 gpa, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Riley Chandler of Kentwood, 4.0 gpa, College of Education and Human Development; Lucius Morris of Kentwood, 4.0 gpa, College of Business; Kristy Wells of Denham Springs, 3.984 gpa, College of Nursing and Health Sciences; back row, from left are Maura Donahue, keynote speaker, President John L. Crain, Alexandra Mayer of Destrehan, 4.0 gpa, College of Business; Dana Mayer of Toronto, 4.0 gpa, College of Science and Technology; Amy Pellittieri of Ponchatoula, 4.0 gpa, College of Education and Human Development; Angela Pizzitolo of Covington, 3.837 gpa, Division of General Studies; Katy Morse of Loranger, 4.0 gpa, College of Education and Human Development; University of Louisiana System Board Members Elsie Burkhalter and Andre Coudrain.    

(2) DONAHUE ADDRESSES SOUTHEASTERN GRADUATES -- Maura W. Donahue, former chair of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and vice president of the Mandeville-based construction company DohahueFavret Contractors, addresses the more than 1,100 graduates of Southeastern Louisiana University at the commencement ceremony Saturday. 

(3) WAVING TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS -- Lisa Patti of Hammond waves excitedly to family and friends at Southeastern Louisiana University’s commencement ceremony Saturday.

(4) HAPPY GRADUATE -- Susannah Turk, a psychology major from Baton Rouge was among the 1,138 graduates receiving degrees at the University Center on Saturday.

(5) THUMBS UP -- Chelsea Canezaro, a marketing major from Port Allen, gives a thumbs up to her accomplishment of earning her degree.

(6) EXCITED GRADUATE -- Marli Freas of Covington waves enthusiastically to family and friends during the processional at Southeastern Louisiana University's graduation ceremony Saturday.

(7) ENTHUSIASM IS CONTAGIOUS -- Jovan Tassin, an accounting major from Vacherie, shares her excitement with family and friends in the audience at Southeastern Louisiana University's commencement ceremony Saturday.

     HAMMOND – At its spring commencement exercises Saturday (May 15), Southeastern Louisiana University conferred degrees on 1,138 graduates.
    Maura Donahue, a former chair of the Board of Directors of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the current vice president of the Mandeville-based construction company DonahueFavret Contractors, addressed the graduates at the 10 a.m. ceremony.
     The university awarded its highest academic honor, the President’s Medal for Academic Excellence, to 10 students with the highest cumulative grade point average in the university’s five colleges and Division of General Studies.
     Medal recipients were:
     ▪ College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – English and history major Samantha Lynn Perez of Violet, 4.0 grade point average (gpa).
     ▪ College of Business – business administration major Alexandra E. Mayer of Destrehan, 4.0 gpa, and accounting major Lucius L. Morris II of Kentwood, 4.0 gpa.       
     ▪ College of Education and Human Development – family and consumer science major Riley S. Chandler of Kentwood, 4.0 gpa; elementary education major Katy K. Morse of Loranger, 4.0 gpa;  English education major Amy Marie Pellittieri of Ponchatoula, 4.0 gpa; and social work major Taylor E. Thompson of Baton Rouge, 4.0 gpa.
     ▪ College of Science and Technology – biology major Dana C. Mayer of Toronto, 4.0 gpa.
     ▪ College of Nursing and Health Sciences – nursing major Kristy N. Wells of Denham Springs, 3.984 gpa
     ▪ Division of General Studies – general studies major Angela M. Pizzitolo of Covington, 3.837 gpa.
     Students receiving associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees were:
Masters Degrees
     Estherwood -- Leah R. Guidry, communication sciences and disorders;

Masters Degrees
     Gonzales -- Kasey B. Ford, communication sciences and disorders; Lawrence A. Olivier II, business administration; Sara W. Recile, curriculum and instruction;
     Prairieville -- Danielle K. Bennett, nursing; Ava B. Gerald, counselor education;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Geismar -- Reuben C. Northern, general studies;
     Gonzales -- Jared M. Chabarria, Spanish; Jana Foggan, communication; Brandy M. Gauthier, English education; Kristen M. Hamilton, management; Naomi E. Howard, marketing; Jason K. Janis, general studies; Michelle L. Johnson, social work; Kadee J. Laporte, English education; Alishia R. Lawrence, general studies; Hannah L. Leeth, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Amanda R. Melancon, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Ashley L. Wade, English    education; Brooke A. Young, social work;
     Prairieville -- Nicholas Z. Abbott, political science; Zolfaghar D. Bahman, general studies; Stuart C. Bledsoe, marketing; Andrew L. Bradley, accounting; Joy L. Comeaux, general studies; Callen M. Cranfield, art; Eileen M. Cranfield, mathematics; Thomas M. Ferriss IV, general studies; Kari M. Gaudin, communication sciences and disorders; Heather M. Guillaume, elementary education grades 1-5; Jared A. Hidalgo, industrial technology; Ryan M. Jones, management; Melanie A. Juneau, elementary education grades 1-5; Brad M. Kurtz, business administration; Ginger A. Lambert, communication sciences and disorders; Hannah R. Lambert, family and consumer sciences; Stephanie A. Palmisano, nursing; Jessica M. Phillips, music education; Isaac J. Rodriguez, management; Layne F. Salvant, business administration; Jessica A. Savoy, accounting; Megan N. Vidrine, nursing;
     Saint Amant -- Brandi L. Batts, art; David L. Denham III, history; Gregory C. Dupuis, social studies education; Samantha M. Everett, criminal justice; Lindse’ L. Marks, nursing; Benjamin  Rogers, business administration; Thomas D. Williams, Jr., finance;
Associate Degrees
     Saint Amant -- Brandon E. Ellis, general studies;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Belle Rose -- Racquel L. Desira, management;
     Labadieville -- Jasmin L. Cheatham, management;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Cottonport -- Natasha M. Russell, nursing;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Shreveport -- Jazzmine C. Bradley, political science; 
  Bachelor’s Degrees
     Sulphur -- Amber N. Guidry, business administration;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Columbia -- Hunter G. Ryland, English;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Vidalia -- Sharron A. Johnson, psychology; Kelly L. Massey, business administration;

Masters Degrees
     Baton Rouge -- William R. Blackwood, business administration; Melissa D. Bolton, special education; Shawn M. Bone, elementary education; Laurie J. Briggs, elementary education; Bobby E. Broadway, Jr., business administration; Sara H. Chamberlain, nursing; Sunda Chancey, business administration; Kimberly A. Chenevert, business administration; Cherrie C. Crain, health and kinesiology; Jimmy A. Dottolo, nursing; Adelaide E. Hair, history; Janette J. Henry, business administration; Timothee M. Hinds, business administration; Kathleen M.Keen, health and kinesiology; Jonathan N. Miller, business administration; Dana B. Morrison, curriculum and instruction; Rebecca R. Morrison, integrated science and technology;    
     Also, Julie M. Patin, communication sciences and disorders; Jessica M. Perret, business  administration; Kerry L. Raines, counselor education; Lauren T. Ray,  elementary education; Emily B. Roark, special education; Maria A. Sanchez, secondary education; Phillip J. Smith, business administration; Olena A. Stehlik, business administration; Alison B. Tolar, business administration; Carolyn K. Vosburg, curriculum and instruction; Crystal B. Wilkinson, psychology; Adam Woerner, business administration; Katie B. Yancey, business administration; Jay W. Zhou, business administration;
     Greenwell Springs -- Brittnie G. Crumholt, counselor education;
     Zachary -- James K. Bellezza, Jr., business administration; Christin D. Dillon, curriculum and instruction;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Baker -- LaTausha R. Brown, management; Heather M. Childers, criminal justice; Alan M. Courtney, history; Jennifer M. Williams, general studies;
     Baton Rouge -- Jennifer M. Amedee, nursing; Lauren F. Amis, elementary education grades 1-5; Stephen A. Andrus, mathematics; Natasha B. Armstrong, accounting; Theranique D. Armstrong, nursing; Gretchen L. Balhoff, accounting; Kevin D. Banta, management; Ruth A. Barrow, nursing; Preston G. Bates, communication; Nicole A. Beeson, management; Christopher T. Benton, nursing; Cameryn Blackmore, political science; Allison R. Bowman, management; Jessica L. Brewster, middle school education grades 4-8; Jessica L. Brunson, nursing; Courtney A. Buhler, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Trelysia S. Cage, family and consumer sciences; Rasheedah I. Cal, social work; Jennifer L. Carlos, finance;
      Also, Christopher L. Cataldie, general studies; Vicki B. Catron, general studies; Krystal H. Champlin, English; Genny K. Chastain, communication; Brittany R. Chatman, nursing; Walter A. Combee III, general studies; Daniel B. Costillo, management; Travis J. Cusimano, business administration; Hai T. Dang, business administration; Eric L. Davis, health education and promotion; Courtney M. Decell, nursing; Jeremy P. Deville, business administration; Sarah M. Dillard, management; Max E. Dupuy, accounting; Andrew J. Durdin, management; Gregory Z. Durley, marketing; Katherine R. Easterling, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Cullen C. Ellis, management; Esther L. Ellis, communication; Amanda Elmore, English; Arleen L. Ewing, general studies; Kate E. Ferrara, business administration; Shane M. Firmin, management; Lauren T. Folse, general studies; Michael C. Fontenot, management; Brandy O. Fulton, psychology; Lauren E. Glueck, management; Kyle C. Golden, industrial technology;   
     Also, Sarah D. Greaud, biological sciences; Cherie A. Guidry, psychology; Crystal S. Guidry, accounting; Megan E. Guidry, nursing; Lindsey E. Guillot, nursing; Mirika A. Haney, accounting; Emily G. Harshbarger, general studies; Katherine E. Hay, general studies; Anna M. Hebert, communication sciences and disorders; Stephanie R. Heine, business administration; Alicia M. Hill, management; Courtney M. Hunt, management; Jared L. Jackson, industrial technology; Kristin A. Jarvis, social work; De’Marcquanaee V. Johnson, biological sciences; Mary A. Jones, social work; Antoinette M. Klima, psychology; S. Joshua M. Lacy, kinesiology; Laura M. Landry, nursing; Miranda L. Landry, English education; Lindsey N. Lato, nursing; Tiffany L. Lear, management; Danielle L. Lee, psychology; Kathryn V. London, marketing; Terrence R. London, finance; Damian D. Manning, industrial technology;
     Also, Melissa L. Martin, communication; Melanie C. May, horticulture; Rachel H. Metzger, art; Jayda N. Mitchell, biological sciences; Linda M. Morrison, general studies; Eric V. Patin, management; Diana V. Perez, elementary education grades 1-5; Jennifer Peters, biological sciences; Brittany D. Pitcher, management; Joshua T. Pitre, social work; Robyn N. Pope, family and consumer sciences; Stephen K. Porter, management; Christina M. Prendergast, nursing; Robert C. Putnam, management; Jessica A. Reibe, family and consumer sciences; Ellarea C. Riggio, middle school education grades 4-8; Jared K. Roma, nursing; Amanda K. Rome, nursing; Rachel E. Rome, nursing; Chelsea E. Russo, family and consumer sciences;   
     Also, Omega Sampson, art; Yanessa L. Santiago Duran, biological sciences; Benjamin L. Schroeder, general studies; Tarah M. Shropshire, accounting; Kristen E. Shuford, general studies; Charlotte R. Sobers, psychology; Amanda A. Spell, general studies; Kristen L. Talbot, social work; Taylor E. Thompson, social work; Hoanganh P. Truong, finance; Sandrine N. Tucker, French; Laura R. Vaughn, elementary education grades 1-5; Richea N. Weston, family and consumer sciences; Lindsay M. White, accounting; Angelique M. Williams, accounting; Jennifer R. Worley, kinesiology;
     Greenwell Springs -- Lindsey Boles, general studies; Robby J. Bonvillain, finance; Brandon J. Collins, industrial technology; Eric S. Courtade, management; Scott V. Gautreau, occupational health, safety, and environment; Ashley E. Lemoine, communication; Franz H. Melo, communication; Heather L. Purvis, health and physical education K-12; Ashley M. Richie, marketing; Ravin B. Tarver, marketing; Charles R. Ventrella, industrial technology;
     Pride -- Thomas G. Weimer, criminal justice;
     Zachary -- Christopher E. Bates, accounting; Rachel Byrd, management; Brooke E. Causey, general studies; Kimberly R. Clark, kinesiology; Mallory S. Collier, nursing; Melissa A. Eddy, biological sciences; Lauri R. Garrett, nursing; Jeremy A. Kirkwood, accounting; Megan D.  Kirkwood, business administration; Rebecca L. McDaniel, social work; Adam G. Richard, management; Leia M. Tamplain, criminal justice;
Associate Degrees
     Baton Rouge -- Tram K. Danh, industrial technology; Dexter S. Pope, industrial technology; Alexandra H. Sanchez, general studies;
     Greenwell Springs -- Chance M. Arnold, general studies;

Masters Degrees
     Ethel -- Kyle A. Rivette, counselor education;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Clinton -- Jonkeyta A. White, general studies;
     Ethel -- Angelica K. Johnson, health education and promotion; Whitley D.Williams, management;
     Jackson -- Brandon T. Atkins, marketing; Brooke N. Garig, communication;
     Slaughter -- Ashley D. Cain, family and consumer science

Bachelor’s Degrees
     New Iberia -- Quinten M. Pierre, general studies; Joseph Polite, general studies; Jacob S. Shoopman, marketing;

Masters Degrees
     Plaquemine -- Dusty R. Gomez, business administration;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Maringouin -- Janie L. Lejeune, general studies;
     Plaquemine -- Soraya D. Keenliside, finance;

Masters Degrees
     Gretna -- Mary K. Prater, elementary education;
     Harvey -- Jessica H. Darbonne, applied sociology;
     Metairie -- Kelley M. Silvey, history; Casey R. Steen, health and kinesiology;
     New Orleans -- April K. Sanangelo, business administration;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Gretna -- Jessica D. Edwards, business administration; Janell L. Ray, general studies; Nicole M. Ricks, special education mild/moderate disabilities;
     Harvey -- Kyle E. Fontanille, finance; Bryan J. Gendron, social studies education; Terry J. Guillory, criminal justice; Rashaun Jackson, marketing; Kevin M. McGinnis, general studies; Emily G. McLemore, communication sciences and disorders; Martina A. St. Ann, general studies; Kerry W. Taylor, Jr., accounting; Tabitha A. Walker, psychology; Ashley J. Wold, special education mild/moderate disabilities;
     Kenner -- Anwar M. Battiste, accounting; Amanda A. Ferri, biological sciences; Brittany M. Jouandot, general studies; Elethia A. Ragus, special education mild/moderate disabilities; Sharon N. Rogers, kinesiology; Nicole J. Ross, management; Michael J. Vega, criminal justice;
     Marrero -- Miranda L. Block, communication sciences and disorders; Joshua C. Bourgeois, psychology; Thomas J. Connors, Jr., marketing; Zachary S. Dufrene, history; Lauren E. Gauthreaux, management; Shannon M. Holt, kinesiology; Ray V. Johnson, social work; Matthew V. Perrin, communication; Reanell J. Smallwood, family and consumer sciences; Phillip G. White, athletic training;
     Metairie -- Stephanie M. Bright, business administration; Susan L. Calloway, mathematics; Jessica L. Carroll, kinesiology; Zenna J. Carter, political science; Shelby M. Chiro, elementary education grades 1-5; Natalie L. Dantin, general studies; Caitlyn M. Driscoll, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Janice Fan, biological sciences; Justin T. Freitag, criminal justice; Crystal C. Gaspard, criminal justice; Katherine M. Gaumond, English education; Jalisa J. Hurst, marketing; William P. Kuhn, Jr., criminal justice; Lisa A. Laine, sociology; Lauren M. Mayer, communication; Maria C. Moreno, accounting; Ashley R. Musgrove, social work; Nicholas A. Naumann, general studies; Caitlin M. Nunez, general studies; Kendra N. Patterson, management; Carolyn L. Rubin, biological sciences; Michelle E. Sims, sociology; Katie M. Sternberger, biological sciences;
     New Orleans -- Stephanie M. Benoit, athletic training; Jason B. Chigoy, finance; Melinda E. Doucet, accounting; Rachael L. Humphreys, health education and promotion; Fraisse B. LaBarre, Jr., general studies; Michael C. Lee, marketing; Oscar G. Perez, history; Ciarra L. Small, marketing; Alexandra E. Sunseri, political science;
     Westwego -- Ashley R. Williams, management; Sean R. Winn, communication;
Associate Degrees
     Marrero -- Jenga M. Windsor, general studies;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Cut Off -- Natalie C. Pitre, psychology;
     Galliano -- Sarah M. Turknett, communication sciences and disorders;
     Thibodaux -- Elizabeth A. Richard, political science;

Masters Degrees
     Albany -- Kerry O. Thomas, Jr., business administration;
     Denham Springs -- Matthew J. Aguilar, Music; Bonnie C. Allgood, counselor education; Kathryn F. Burke, special education; Debbie K. Darby, business administration; Teresa A. Thibodeaux, communication sciences and disorders; Floyd L. Trascher III, history; Jo K. Tullos,      curriculum and instruction; Dana M. Ydarraga, nursing;
     Springfield -- Amanda K. Durbin, history; Krystle N. Payton, counselor education;
     Walker -- Heather Z. Cecchini, nursing; Rachelle M. Heine, counselor education; Rachael K. Lill, counselor education; Jessica W. Nations, communication sciences and disorders; Leslie W. Pierce, communication sciences and disorders;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Albany -- Heather L. Gandolfo, general studies; Dawn R. Lott, criminal justice; Todd C. Williams, art;
     Denham Springs -- Cindy R. Abbott, psychology; Blaine J. Blouin, history; Zachary K. Bond, physics; Natasha L. Broussard, general studies; Savannah L. Brown, computer science; Angela Caccamo, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Katie L. Charlet, business administration; Gary E. Coates, Jr., social studies education; Virginia J. Cockerham, art; Mychol N. Counce, finance; Justin C. Dupuy, business administration; Carol A. Edwards, art; Mary M. Fleming, biological sciences; Lee J. Fortier IV, Spanish; Clifton T. Fox, history; Julie W. Freneaux, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Kelsey E. Gagnet, management; Jennifer N. Golmon, nursing; Daniel T. Gomez, management; Lauren E. Gongre, communication sciences and disorders; Jordyn M. Gros, nursing;Yvonne N. Haas, psychology;   
     Also, Melissa N. Hawkins, psychology; Katie A. Head, general studies; Danielle P. Hebert, business administration; Gary H. Howard, Jr., general studies; Erin L. Hughes, family and consumer sciences; Jennifer L. Johnson, elementary education grades 1-5; Sheri K. Juban, social work; Diane R. Kuhlmann, general studies; Danielle H. Landry, elementary education grades 1-5; Jessie L. Lea, general studies; Teri T. Leiva, social work; Amanda M. Lemoine, marketing; Ory M. Loupe, general studies; Kerby J. McGregor, Jr., family and consumer sciences; Melissa K. McKey, music education; Mary A. McKnight, marketing; Christopher L. Melancon, management; Jennifer A. Montgomery, accounting; Matthew L. Moss, business administration; Daniel J. Orser, psychology; Shawn J. Parker, management; Rhonda D.  Plaisance,computer science; Whitney L. Ready, psychology; Mart J. Seal, business administration; Jordan A. Stephens, middle school education grades 4-8; Shawn P. Stevens, management; Brittany L. Stewart, management; Susannah S. Turk, psychology; Cobi J. Turner, general studies; Thomas S. Vail, general studies; Rachel A. Varnado, horticulture; Ariel U. Vernazza, management; Kristy N. Wells, nursing;
     French Settlement -- Khaki R. Matherne, nursing;
     Holden -- Martha M. Albert, accounting; Gavin D. Billiot, business administration; Lynn A. Bourn, nursing; Megan E. Cocran, health education and promotion; Levi C. Collet, psychology; Brett T. Hubbs, occupational health, safety, and environment; Ravien R. Parsons, general studies; Sean M. Stevens, industrial technology;
     Livingston -- Jacob R. Albin, health studies; Jarrett N. Albin, management; Mindy L. DeLaune, general studies; Bronson M. Hart, criminal justice; Blaisha J. McKenzie, psychology; Karen D. McLin, general studies; Staci R. Norris, management; Elizabeth M. Vitter, finance;
     Maurepas -- Jonathan M. Ellis, art;
     Springfield -- Chad H. Fagan, industrial technology; Justin B. Kennedy, biological sciences; Danielle L. LeSage, marketing; Lynette G. Lobell, general studies; Rebekah D. Schilling, accounting;
     Walker -- Melissa S. Adcock, biological sciences; George K. Baker, kinesiology; Carley D. Bushnell, general studies; Sarah L. Fontenot, nursing; Kimberly M. Gill, occupational health, safety, and environment; Mandy E. Haydell, finance; Christopher S. Ishee, social work; Scott A. Kleinpeter, English; Madison M. LaFleur, biological sciences; Adrienne C. Lee’, early/childhood    education grades PK-3; Amira Gene A. Makke, accounting; Allison J. Martin, general studies; Hope M. McCorkle, sociology; Kevin L. Minner, history; Bonnie S. Pettyjohn, psychology; Catherine C. Ramsey, mathematics education; Kimberli Rimes, mathematics education; Brittney     M. Roy, business administration; Kayci C. Vaughn, elementary education grades 1-5;
     Watson -- Denise A. Zettlemoyer, accounting;
Associate Degrees
     Denham Springs -- Benjamin D. Carpenter, industrial technology;
     Holden -- Jessica F. Blanchard, general studies;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     New Orleans -- Tiffany M. Baptiste, communication; LaMarque Bean, kinesiology; Christopher J. Binder, political science; Jira-Shea T. Davis, general studies; Dominique M. Delone, history; Angelica L. Edwards, elementary education grades 1-5; Joshua M. Foret, industrial technology; Herman J. Guillory, kinesiology; Morgan J. Jackson, history; Freddie L. Jones, Jr., general studies; Tiffany N. LaCroix, English education; Dominique M. Lang, business administration; Mallory C. Masson, kinesiology; Brittny J. McKay, family and consumer sciences; Casey J. Moriarty, marketing; Brittany M. Ross, communication; Melvin C. Russell, Jr., management; Jennifer L. Wold, health education and promotion;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Belle Chasse -- Katie M. Jackson, marketing; John Wilson, finance;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Fordoche -- Klarisse B. Kimble, general studies;
     Innis -- Leneeta C. Ewing, mathematics education;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Delhi -- Cari E. Cooper, psychology;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Many -- Kimberly N. Edmonson, general studies;

Masters Degrees
     Violet -- Ashley M. Bivona, elementary education;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Chalmette -- Kevin A. Estopinal, business administration; Dominick Maone, management; Renea A. Sullivan, chemistry;
     Saint Bernard -- Tara M. Turgeau, accounting;
     Violet -- Samantha L. Perez, English;

Masters Degrees
     Destrehan -- Brittany M. Dufresne, communication sciences and disorders;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Ama -- Ashley B. Singleton, management;
     Destrehan -- Samone R. Cammon, kinesiology; Ryan P. Dugas, business administration; Hannah M. Holly, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Alexandra E. Mayer, business administration; Ashley R. Noustens, elementary education grades 1-5; Jonathan M. Ryan, business administration; Brad J. Simon, general studies; Lauren E. Waguespack, middle school education grades 4-8;
     Hahnville -- Kernell S. Jupiter, Jr., industrial technology; Kelley B. Nuss, general studies;
     Luling -- Amanda A. May, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Amber R. Watson, general studies;
     Saint Rose -- Caitlin A. Gilbert, general studies; Viviane A. Grisoli, family and consumer sciences; Joshua E. Lincecum, history; Courtney M. Stropolo, general studies;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Greensburg -- Christina L. Guy, kinesiology; Marlisha D. Wright, early/childhood education grades PK-3;
     Pine Grove -- Aaron J. Ulery, elementary education grades 1-5;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Gramercy -- Tristian S. LeBlanc, health and physical education grades K-12; Cassie M. Porche, business administration;
     Paulina – Jessie M. Louque, general studies; Mallori L. Martin, nursing;
     Vacherie -- Jovan J. Tassin, accounting;

Masters Degrees
     Garyville -- Jonathan M. Schexnayder, business administration;
     LaPlace -- Tara L. Fontenot, business administration; Yong S. Lowery, curriculum and instruction; Sharon Roy, special education;
     Reserve -- Darlene C. Johnson, curriculum and instruction;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Garyville – Aimee’ L. Perret, early/childhood education grades PK-3;
     LaPlace -- Stacey R. Andersen, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Kristen L. Bernard, middle school education grades 4-8; Bridget L. Boe, accounting; Kelly M. Bourgeois, communication sciences and disorders; Mary M. Clement, nursing; Tiffany M. Eddie, psychology; Charlene E. Floyd, political science; Ashton E. Frilot, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Justin B. Harvey, management; Krystal A. Hooker, general studies; Brian P. Schum, criminal justice; Benjamin C. Sellars, business administration; Meghan N. Shannon, nursing; Blaise B. Theard, business administration; Mallory M. Torres, general studies; Mallory R. Zeringue, family and consumer sciences;
     Reserve -- Monica T. Millet, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Alix M. Mury, family and consumer sciences; Tariane D. Placide, psychology;
Associate Degrees
     LaPlace -- Jenna R. Trosclair, office administration;

Associate Degrees
     Breaux Bridge -- Paul C. Chadwick, industrial technology;

Masters Degrees
     Covington -- Emily L. Aucoin, English; Melissa F. Babin, M/M special education; Alysia M. Catanzaro, English; Samantha W. Dias, business administration; Dana M. Dumas, business administration; Kevin W. Groeger, business administration; Tracie D. Hymel, educational leadership; Matthew G. Rhoads, business administration; Anna S. Roubion, special education; Jaime L. Usey, business administration;
Folsom -- Jessica E. Lee, secondary education; Katie N. Mizell, business administration;
     Madisonville -- Dana A. Duet-Champagne, counselor education; Alanna R. Fast, organizational communications; Melissa A. Rittler, curriculum and instruction;
     Mandeville -- Norma A. Ponseti, curriculum and instruction; Kimberly M. Schroeder, business administration; Felicia A. Wright, business administration; Timothy L. Wright, business administration;
     Pearl River -- Kelly J. Whitehead, curriculum and instruction;
     Slidell -- Jennifer L. Alleman, educational technology leadership; Michele A. Bond, business administration; Jay A. Buras, business administration; Helen N. DeMoss, special education;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Abita Springs -- Samantha E. Bindewald, supply chain management; Jordan R. Dale, biological sciences; Ashley M. Fairburn, marketing; Erin K. Spitznagel, elementary education grades 1-5; Angela M. Whitehead, management;
     Covington -- Carey E. Barfield, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Brennan L. Brupbacher, finance; James T. Carter, Jr., occupational health, safety, and environment; Catherine S. Caserta, general studies; Patrick G. Celestine, criminal justice; Jeanette L.  Champagne, nursing; Kenyita (Kenyada) S. Clark, criminal justice; Laura M. Clawson, supply chain management; Matthew J. Coyne, history; Jennifer M. Davis, general studies; Jacky L. DeCastro-Pretelt, nursing; Amber G. Denton, science education biology; Patrick Deynoodt, management; Christopher T. DiVincent, management; Michael H. Dykes, history; John P. Gagliano, Jr., accounting; Anthony M. Giardelli, management; Leslie N. Hilliard, management; Serena R. Ingraham, management; Kineta L. Ingram, social work; Bridget L. Krysan, finance;  
     Also, Stephanie M. LaCroix, social work; Daniel L. Laurent, psychology; Christina M. Lenel, industrial technology; Jill N. Magee, family and consumer sciences; Kassi A. Mclain, communication sciences and disorders; Dawn Baggett O’Mara, nursing; Sarah D. Pennison, biological sciences; Wesley C. Pfeiffer, criminal justice; Ryan M. Ragas, management; Elizabeth G. Randon, marketing; Christen W. Roberts, accounting; Maureen H. Ryan, nursing; Catherine C. Schmidt, marketing; Juliet S. Schroeder, general studies; Robert D. Schroeder, computer science; Kristen A. Singletary, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Lauren B. Smith, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Stephen M. Taylor, elementary education grades 1-5; Narada M. Thomas, management; Randy P. Vicknair, Jr., general studies; Nicole L. Waguespack, nursing; Petros L. Zarganas, management;
     Folsom -- Suzette L. Stilley Brooks, special education mild/moderate disabilities; Jared S. Accardo, management; Alicia A. Dardenne, art education K-12; Natalie L. Faust, English; Adria R. Garrett, nursing; Grace A. Jones, English; Christa A. Lemoine, general studies; Roxanne D. Zamin, communication sciences and disorders;
     Lacombe -- Jon P. Barrois, business administration; Brandi L. Bond, general studies; Jessica M. Faucheaux, English; Shelley B. Guerra, special education mild/moderate disabilities; Brett M. Jackson, computer science; Elizabeth A. Luke, political science; Amanda L. Morgan, elementary education grades 1-5; Clint M. Taylor, industrial technology;
     Madisonville -- Joshua L. Baham, management; Brittany M. Bilich, biological sciences; Mark J. Gagnard, nursing; Candice F. Lang, general studies; Ashley E. O’Donley, marketing; Angela M. Pizzitolo, general studies; Cheryl G. Runez, family and consumer sciences; Danielle T. Thiel, general studies; Elizabeth B. Villa, general studies;
     Mandeville -- Dana A. Accardo, management; Kristin A. Backes, management; Roy W. Barnes, cultural resource management; Nicholas A. Bubrig, business administration; Cole J. Catalano, general studies; Adam J. Cooper, business administration; Dexter D. David, management; Brittany T. Dugas, communication; Jennifer L. Esquinance, biological sciences; Adam R. Ethridge, general studies; Timothy P. Evans, general studies; Aaron S. Fruge, family and consumer sciences; Amanda M. Gaspard, art education K-12; Geoffrey M. Green, political science; Mitchell S. Guillot, general studies; Jamie L. Guttierrez, nursing; Christopher N. Henry, finance; Kent A. Hoggatt, general studies; Angela L. Houlemard, management; Keli A. Jackson, nursing; Alecia A. Jenkins, communication; Kandace C. Kurtz, business administration; Brock J. Latiolais, criminal justice; Pamela M. Ledet, accounting; Matthew N. Marrs, music; Courtney McDuff, communication; Kevin C. Moore, general studies; Kristin D. Parish, business administration; Palmer P. Plunkett, mathematics; James R. Purdy, finance;       
     Also, Mary B. Ricau, elementary education grades 1-5; Kevin C. Roberts, mathematics; Jason P. Rooney, business administration; Heather  Russell, supply chain management; Efren Santiago, business administration; Courtney K. Smith, psychology; Jessica C. Stargardter, sociology; Skyler L. Stroup, music education; Jason C. Synakiewicz, management; Eric R. Thompson, business administration; David E. Udeh, accounting; Jeanee M. Waddell, nursing; Patrick R. Warner, Jr., nursing; Chantel N. Wetzel, elementary education grades 1-5; Anne C. Williams, sociology; Karissa L. Wilson, health education and promotion; Stephanie M. Zaben, nursing;
     Pearl River -- Ashley R. Bowman, general studies; Christina M. Hernandez, marketing; Kathleen A. Kelly, general studies; Benny D. Milligan, general studies; Sarah E. Olivard, chemistry; Megan N. Pittman, general studies; Kristin D. Singletary, biological sciences; Todd J. Tyler, Jr., health and physical education K-12;
     Slidell -- Laren A. Ball, art; Janet M. Bertram, general studies; Kris C. Bordelon, general studies; John-Paul Boudet, English; Lindsey M. Bryan, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Alysha M. Bussell, kinesiology; Kyle G. Cahill, kinesiology; Carol S. Chauvin, nursing; Toni Chimento, business administration; Whitney L. Clay, criminal justice; Patrick Costilow, art; Melanie V. Curole, biological sciences; Michelle E. Davis, general studies; Vanessa R. Fayard, marketing; William J. Ferrell, general studies; Logan A. Fridley, general studies; Eric Gay, history; Angela C. Gonzalez, mathematics education; Melissa E. Graci, biological sciences; Celeste R. Hargroder, general studies; Joseph A. Hebert, Jr., finance; Joshua B. Herleikson, accounting; Emily C. Herring, general studies; Tiffany A. Hoke, general studies;  
     Also, Randi E. Hufft, history; Justin D. Jones, business administration; Tracy L. Kemp, general studies; Nathan P. Kilburn, industrial technology; Brittany L. Klein, business administration; Virginia A. Landry, general studies; Ross J. Levy, kinesiology; Trevor J. Luken, management; Jaime M. Mackey, English education; Margaret E. Morrison, nursing; Steven B. Mortrud, kinesiology; Jillian K. Nelson, nursing; Jill A. Pearse, family and consumer sciences; Philip L. Rabalais, management; Amie L. Rader, business administration; Kelly M. Rollins, finance; Lacy R. Saigeon, elementary education grades 1-5; Jorge M. Santana, finance; Lauren M. Silva, general studies; Karen K. Tonnesen, general studies; Jessica L. Weaver, marketing; Mary-Grace C. Westphal, nursing;
Associate Degrees
     Covington -- James M. Hartzog, industrial technology;
     Folsom -- Lindsay E. Pitre, general studies;
     Mandeville -- Victoria K. Neyland, general studies;

Doctoral Degrees
     Ponchatoula -- Heloise H. Morgan, educational leadership Ed.D; Daniel R. Williams, educational leadership Ed.D.;
Masters Degrees
     Amite -- Kelly L. Bankston, business administration;
     Hammond -- Amy M. Bourgeois, curriculum and instruction; Maria B. Chin, communication sciences and disorders; David I. Cohen, business administration, Matthew C. Doolittle, history; Dexter L. Falgoust, business administration; Laurel J. Guraedy, communication sciences and    disorders; Mandy M. Hagan, counselor education; Stoycho G. Hristov, music; Jennifer I. Ingram, communication sciences and disorders; Yao Jin, integrated science and technology; Peter C. Kosgei, business administration; Amanda J. Martin, counselor education; Sheila C. Matheny, nursing; Amanda B. Robbins, organizational communications; Amanda D. Salcido, psychology; Carla L. Shepherd, health and kinesiology; Jana Simurkova, business administration; Diana     Solis-Solis, biology;
     Independence -- Steven M. Baham, business administration; Daniel P. Chadborn, psychology; Brittney D. Reason, counselor education;
     Loranger -- James W. Jacocks, history; Jamie W. Jennings, communication sciences and disorders; Michael J. Roy, business administration;
     Ponchatoula -- Brittney A. Byers, curriculum and instruction; Chad M. Cathey, business administration; Danielle G. Cornman, curriculum and instruction; Julianna M. Dufreche, communication sciences and disorders; Stephen M. Pepitone, business administration;
     Robert -- Lana D. Dantone, special education;
     Tickfaw -- Brwyan D. Campbell, health and kinesiology; Jennifer S. Morant, counselor education;
Bachelor’s Degrees
      Amite -- Jennifer A. Barnes, business administration; Harrison T. Brown, biological sciences; Catherine G. Clemons, middle school education grades 4-8; Ashley E. Erskin, criminal justice; Shonagh P. Finch, nursing; Jason T. Granger, social work; Kathryn C. Hutto, communication; Melinda R. Jackson, criminal justice; Megan L. Lanier, chemistry; Lyle K. Newell, criminal justice; Daniel Santora, general studies; Erin T. Sharkey, political science; Jason G. Thompson, general studies; Courtney M. Todd, nursing;
     Hammond -- Christin B. Abene, music; Lyndsey M. Acosta, management; Soo Ryun Ahn, music; Lisa A. Arnold, general studies; Jehan R. Ayap, athletic training; James G. Ballantyne, biological sciences; David P. Barker, occupational health, safety, and environment; Theron W. Batie, finance; Daniel S. Blanchard, management; Victoria M. Bolotte, business administration; Matthew G. Booth, business administration; Matthew E. Bowman, athletic training; Lindsey K. Boyd, business administration; Kelly J. Burke, general studies; Gloria K. Burkhart, business administration; Bradley J. Bursavich, chemistry; Devin P. Champagne, chemistry; Sarah M. Cheung, kinesiology; Mamie A. Coleman, kinesiology; Mary G. Cruz, biological sciences; George D. Cunningham III, general studies; Josephine E. Daher, accounting; Mehdi Darlis,    business administration; Jordan A. Dinser, chemistry; Kirk D. Dixon, industrial technology; Rachael A. Domiano, communication; Whitney E. Driscoll, elementary education grades 1-5; Nicole A. Dunomes, general studies; Dina E. El Sabban, marketing; Christopher R. Farlow, kinesiology; Richard J. Field IV, criminal justice; Blaine S. Fisher, general studies; Walter P. Fleming, general studies; Marli D. Freas, management;
     Also, Amber A. Freeman, general studies; Jeffrey A. Gaddy, nursing; Danielle E. Galatas, accounting; Ashley A. Gaudreau, psychology; Benjamin J. Gilbert, business administration; Kevin K. Gilbert, industrial technology; Jeremy A. Grantham, accounting; Jonai H. Green, psychology; Tyler V. Gugliuzza, management; Pamela P. Guidry, general studies; Catherine R. Gunther, general studies; Heidi L. Hamel, nursing; Malcolm S. Harrison, industrial technology; Sarah E. Hatten, communication; Anna J. Hauser, art; Kristina Head, business administration; Aaron P. Heider, mathematics; John B. Holley, music; Melanie E. Johnson, accounting; Jonathan J. Johnston, kinesiology; Adam R. Landry, management; Karen E. LeBlanc, general studies; Courtney K. Lemoine, general studies; Craig J. Louque, Jr., business administration; Brianna U. Lowe, management; Robert F. Mahner, management; Joshua C. Malone, marketing; Deadrian D. Martin, health education and promotion; Everlyne C. Matonyei, general studies; Dana C. Mayer, biological sciences; Morgan E. McGhee, management;
     Also, Alex D. Melnick, finance; Beverly A. Mier, art; Barbara M. Monteleone, family and consumer sciences; Amanda R. Moore, communication sciences and disorders; Bradley K. Moore, kinesiology; David J. Navo, Jr., biological sciences; Jessica L. Navo, nursing; Renee M. Norheim, art; Stacey L. Parks, business administration; Sanjna M. Patel, accounting; Lisa T. Patti, business administration; Kristen C. Payne, communication sciences and disorders; Brandon M. Phillips, industrial technology; Estera Pirosca, communication; Shane M. Purvis, business administration; Desiree’ S. Radford, communication; Scott A. Reggio, criminal justice; James B. Reynolds, general studies; Cory A. Roberts, biological sciences; Michelle R. Robertson, social work; Ryan K. Rodgers, history; Chantelle E. Roshto, art; Jeremy M. Sadden, general studies; Melissa C. Sampey, criminal justice; Skyler L. Seal, accounting;   
     Also, Anton O. Smirnov, music; Christopher J. Smith, management; Dustin R. Smith, athletic training; Timothy M. Smith, social studies education; Jennifer N.  Spearman, management; Michele L. Stafford, biological sciences; Melissa A. Stevens, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Chelsea V. Takacs, general studies; Geoffrey P. Thompson, general studies; Judd A. Thompson, biological sciences; Reshonda W. Thompson, political science; John E. Tiley, biological sciences; Jazmine A. Torres, political science; Joshua I. Tracey, business administration; Iya I. Tsyrkot, music; Keturah A. Turner, music; Vanessa Van Bree, nursing; Tiffany L. Vappie, general studies; Nichole Veillon, management; Candice M. Wallace, kinesiology; Tyrous D. Ward, biological sciences; Patrick H. Weber, biological sciences; Rebecca J. Weber, chemistry; Allison L. Wiggins, elementary education grades 1-5; Veronica S. Wills, chemistry; Mallory L. Young, psychology; Tao Zhang, accounting;
     Husser -- Darryl J. Tassin, Jr., mathematics education;
     Independence -- Alex A. Anderson, general studies; Michelle J. Bernard, psychology; Ashley J. Castella, art; Patrick D. Gentry, business administration; Elizabeth N. Jee, chemistry; Edward J. Klein, criminal justice; Sandra M. Ricks, business administration; Kenneth J. Signorelli, industrial technology; Amy L. Stevens, social work; Sadiq R. Watson, management; Benjamin I. White, business administration;
     Kentwood -- Angela L. Bridges, social studies education; Riley S. Chandler, family and consumer sciences; Jared C. Guthrie, kinesiology; Robert C. Larsen, general studies; Lucius L. Morris II, accounting; Mindy N. Rhodus, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Jesse S. Sims, art;
     Loranger -- Brittany M. Ard, occupational health, safety, and environment; Heather E. Bentivegna, general studies; James H. Cancienne, computer science; Megan K. Faunce, social work; Amanda  Gross, general studies; Katy N. Gueldner, biological sciences; Laura M. Jennings, art education K-12; Charlene A. Lauricella, elementary education grades 1-5; Whitney M. Lyons, accounting; Katy K. Morse, elementary education grades 1-5; Piera I. Patti, marketing; Tierra S. Sanchez, industrial technology; Brittany L. Shockley, management;
     Natalbany -- Nicholas J. Fisher, finance;
     Ponchatoula -- Lauren E. Ambrose, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Jodee D. Bernier, nursing; Leah M. Bougere, psychology; Brad E. Breaux, general studies; Lucas W. Burge, criminal justice; Alison M. Buzbee, middle school education grades 4-8; Sarah E. Chiasson, communication sciences and disorders; Helen R. Cole, nursing; Crystal D. Davis, business administration; Christy M. De Soto, elementary education grades 1-5; Leah D. Derks, psychology; Samuel M. Doescher, accounting; Kelly B. Elam, industrial technology; Adronisha T. Frazier, biological sciences; Charles S. Graham, Jr., business administration; Windy K. Haist, middle school education grades 4-8; Alicia L. Harting, general studies; Trent J. Hebert, art; Russell L. Herrick, art; Jesse E. Holland, Jr., business administration; Maria A. Hutzelmann, nursing; Kristie-Leigh R. Joiner, elementary education grades 1-5; Brandi R. Kugler, art; Brittany N. Lyon, communication sciences and disorders;
     Also, Elizabeth G. Lyon, communication; Amy M. Martin, nursing; Leanna P. McGee, accounting; Jennifer M. Miceli, management; Hannah L. Migues, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Amy M. Pellittieri, English education; Kassie M. Perrin, general studies; Joshua A. Pitre, accounting; Jay G. Quinn, management; Kristie L. Rabalais, general studies; Brittany R. Reno, nursing; LaVerne Richardson, management; Paige G. Robertson, elementary education grades 1-5; Sarah A. Scafidel, social work; Christopher W. Schneider, physics; Megan N. Shamah, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Mindy L. Stanga, management; Lorien N. Sterling, nursing; Jennifer L. Stroecker Smay, accounting; Leslie R. Thompson, art; Ashley N. Verneuil, business administration; Christine A. Vicknair, psychology; Colleen M. Walsh, social work; Lindsay L. Watts, accounting; Mary H. Weaver, art; Timothy S. West, criminal justice; Amanda H. White, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Willie A. Williams, communication;
     Robert -- Mignon M. Callais, general studies; Kristy Houpy, psychology;
     Roseland -- Kristen D. Brown, business administration; Jerwanna L. Collier, social work; Christopher B. Hyde, history; Whitney G. Jones, general studies; Jessica L. Radecker, marketing; Samantha A. Saizan, nursing; Danyelle M. Thornton, general studies;
     Tickfaw -- Heather L. Atkinson, special education mild/moderate disabilities; Shawn C. Gilbreath, history; John J. Howell, mathematics; Laken S. Howell, English education; Jude Scaglione, accounting; Maegan A. Shields, early/childhood education grades PK-3;

Associate Degrees
     Hammond -- Shanell M. Hebert, general studies; Brooke E. Jones, general studies; Branan B. Steib, industrial technology; Benjamin A. Ward, general  studies;
     Independence -- Brad V. Lato, industrial technology;
     Loranger -- Andrew R. Nowell, office administration; Trenton Rodriguez, industrial technology;
     Ponchatoula -- David M. Gatlin, industrial technology;
Masters Degrees
     Houma -- Kami L. Hebert, communication sciences and disorders;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Bourg -- Catherine H. Bascle, English;
     Houma -- Sara E. Breaux, nursing; Chasse B. Duplantis, music education; Molly E. Fenton, business administration; Paige N. Johnson, family and consumer sciences; Allison R. Levine, general studies; Fallon B. O'Neal, marketing; Genese M. Spencer, psychology;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Delcambre -- Paul S. Moneaux, general studies;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Leesville -- Lacy R. Parker, communication sciences and disorders;

Masters Degrees
     Angie -- Jessica B. Lemaire, teacher education grades 1-6, special education;
     Bogalusa -- Marie G. Goff, special education;
     Franklinton -- Deborah A. Durapau, applied sociology; Erica D. Payne, communication sciences and disorders;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Angie -- Thy P. Truong, sociology; Gary D. Wheat, general studies;
     Bogalusa -- Amber L. Fasola, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Renica M. Foster, social work; Scott A. Grimes, computer science; Shanna L. Guest, liberal arts studies; Heather M. Hall, finance; Bryan A. Harris, political science; Kimberly L. Mathews, general studies;     Dave E. Meyers, biological sciences; Misti M. Miley, nursing; Amanda M. Mizell, marketing; Ashley N. Puckett, general studies; Andrew T. Thomas, marketing;
     Franklinton -- Katherine A. Beach, psychology; Jamacian M. Clark, marketing; Joshua K. Ennis, mathematics; Angela M. Gay, nursing; Brittany N. Jenkins, nursing; Crystal S. Jenkins, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Matthew R. Jenkins, industrial technology; Sarah K. Ladner, biological sciences; Christy A. Lee, management; Heather G. Martin, elementary education grades 1-5; Jeremy C. Newman, management; Jeremy J. Thomassen, general studies; Wendi N. Vince, criminal justice; Davana Wilkins, art; Cara M. Williams, music; Jonathan D. Young, management;
     Mount Hermon -- Chelaynn B. Hobbs, business administration; Kelli L. James, management; Kourtney S. Taylor, social work;
Associate Degrees
     Franklinton -- Ricky S. Magee, office administration; Patsy A. Pitzer, general studies;

Masters Degrees
     Port Allen -- Kathleen M. Fontenot, special education;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Brusly -- Crissy R. Dupont, nursing;
     Port Allen -- Samantha M. Albarado, nursing; Rachel B. Allement, marketing; Chelsea C. Canezaro, marketing; Kacey M. Couvillon, nursing; Alexandra R. Larson, accounting; Brandi K. Mancuso, management; Delecia N. Scott, early/childhood education grades PK-3;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Saint Francisville -- Ashley E. Allemond, early/childhood education grades PK-3; Nawell A. Alsadi, speech education grades 6 - 12;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     North Little Rock -- Shonta R. Dobbins, general studies;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Tuscon -- Jessica A. Srajer, general studies;

Masters Degrees
    Port Saint Lucie -- Lauren E. Smith, biology;
   Tallahassee -- Mary T. Pellegrino, communication sciences and disorders;
 Bachelor’s Degrees
     Miami -- Matthew G. Moser, kinesiology;
     Orlando -- Benjamin J. Lenfant, criminal justice;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Bridgeton -- Katie R. Villa, communication;
     Raymore -- Torey J. Schertz, sociology;

 Masters Degrees
     Roxie -- Megan A. Farr, communication sciences and disorders;
Bachelor’s Degrees
     Centreville -- Sandra B. Newman, business administration;
     Columbia -- Troy N. Ingram, management;
     Long Beach -- Kelly A. Weems, general studies;
     Madison -- Sarah C. Morrow, nursing;
     Natchez -- Michael K. Flowers, Jr., management;
     Picayune -- Portiala M. Travis, accounting;
North Carolina
Bachelor’s Degrees
      Jacksonville -- Thomas E. Jackson, industrial technology;
      Rural Hall -- Rena P. Edwards, mathematics;

New Jersey
Masters Degrees
     Ringoes -- Jessica A. Stilwell, health and kinesiology;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Mount Vernon -- Megan E. Bardwell, communication;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Jackson -- Adrian Teel, finance;

Masters Degrees
     San Antonio -- Robert K. Talley, integrated science and technology;
     Houston -- Elizabeth T. Korf, communication sciences and disorders;
Bachelor’s Degrees
    Bellaire -- Virginia M. Burnett, nursing;
    Houston -- Jeffrey M. Turner, general studies;
    Katy -- Julie K. Elliott, general studies;
    Sweeny -- Jamisha E. Rebector, general studies;

Bachelor’s Degrees
     Krokstadelva -- Patrick A. Solberg, marketing.

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